Things To Do in New York: Have a Meal at Stone Street | New York City

Historic Stone Street

We had one of our lunches at the historic Stone Street, called as such because of its cobblestone road which is quite unique for New York City. It is a pedestrian area where restaurants and pubs set up their outdoor dining right in the middle of it giving a very young, hip, lively and fresh vibe – a hidden gem in the Financial District of New York.

Historic Stone Street New York City

Historic Stone Street

We ate at one of the Irish pubs lining the street, which unfortunately I forgot the name. I can’t say that there’s something special about the food that they served but it was the atmosphere of the place which made our lunch more enjoyable. The service was great too, the only downside was – they tried to charge us a mandatory gratuity fee of 20% which they included in the bill itself. Funny thing was, they’ve put the 20% charge as the third item on our bill like they were trying to hide it from us. Lol. Now for someone who doesn’t live in the US, that was very unusual for me but I later found out thru my sister that some restaurants will charge a mandatory service fee to a table occupied by more than 4 people. But 20%? Really? Not even the high-end Del Frisco’s Steakhouse charged that mandatory service fee to us.

Historic Stone Street

Despite of all that, I would still go back to Stone Street and even visit the same pub for that matter. Stone Street immediately became one of my favorite spots in New York, I can imagine how rowdy and loud it would be in the evening but I’m glad that its memory of being a laidback, no-frill place is what’s kept in my head. 🙂

Stone Street


I just had to post that photo of us in Stone Street as the brother-in-law truly captured how the Greek Mister and I normally are – myself as the social media addict and The Greek Mister happy with his beer. :p


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