Dubai: Soy N Pepper in Reef Mall

Soy N Pepper, Reef Mall, Dubai

A new Filipino restaurant has opened its doors in Dubai and I was one of the lucky ones invited to try it out. Having lived in this city for almost 7 years now, I am always on the lookout for an authentic Filipino restaurant to make me not miss home too much. So of course, I said yes and dragged my friend H along with me.

The restaurant is in Reef Mall in Deira on its ground floor just beside Dome Cafe. I later found out that the restaurant is actually a sister company of the latter. When we arrived, we were immediately assisted by the lovely Teresa who lead us to our table and handed over their menu to us. My mouth started watering just by seeing their menu. Every single thing in it sounds yummy and not to mention that it’s probably the most reasonably-priced Filipino restaurant that I’ve ever been to here in Dubai. I wanted to order everything, possibly because I have not had anything to eat when I arrived there. (Note to self: never go to a restaurant with an empty stomach)

We ordered chicken siomai and beef spring roll for starters. For our drinks, I couldn’t resist the black gulaman which was oh so good! The chicken siomai came in 3 gigantic pieces, H being allergic to chicken refused to have a bite so I basically finished it all off. I did help her too in finishing her beef spring rolls though which kind of tasted like a taco to me. Lol. My taste buds were weird that night I suppose.

And for our most awaited part of the meal, I had chicken sisig which I’ve heard is the best seller of this particular restaurant. The original sisig is actually pork but since we’re in Dubai, the restaurant had this amazing alternative to it by using chicken instead. It arrived in a sizzling plate with a cup of rice because there’s no way that you’d be eating a main course without rice in a Filipino restaurant. Yes, we do love our rice. I even eat rice with rice. Anyway back to the chicken sisig, it’s surprisingly great! Of course not as good as the original recipe but it was really very tasty and very filling. I can tell that they’ve put their own twist to their sizzling sisig by its taste, I just don’t know what it was. Whatever it was, my taste buds loved it!


H ordered camaron rebosado which is a deep-friend battered shrimp and also came on a sizzling platter. Of course with rice as well. I wasn’t able to taste it as I was too busy stuffing my face with the sisig but H seem to have loved it.


I was already very full when we finished the main course but I can’t possibly pass up the chance of having a leche flan which is my favorite dessert. I’m not a huge fan of sweets but that doesn’t exactly apply to a leche flan for me. They served a tiny portion of it though but it was very rich in taste and flavor.


The dining experience all in all was great. I actually do have a list of other dishes that I will order the next time I go there. Oh yes, there is a next time. All of the food that they served somehow had a twist in it, like some kind of a signature “Soy N Pepper” style.

Soy & Pepper Facebook page
Tel No 04 295 2725
Open everyday from 11am to 12am


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  • Lady and her Sweet Escapes March 13, 2014 at 14:17

    I was drooling over your instagram post, so I had sisig as well. I love it! Oh btw, they do delivery now! 🙂

  • VadaBanana February 27, 2014 at 16:10

    dined in there last thursday. perfect way to cap last week! 🙂

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