Foodie Wednesdays: Pascal Tepper Friday Brunch, Dubai Media City

Pascal tepper, dubai media city

I came across Pascal Tepper while I was browsing through the hundreds of offers on my Entertainer App. We went there for breakfast but didn’t realize that they’ve got a brunch going on during Fridays. Since we were already there, we decided to give it a try. It’s a first for the boyfriend and I as we’re not used to having a Friday brunch without alcohol. Surprisingly, we liked it and we’ve already planned to go back next time.

Pascal tepper, dubai media city

Pascal Tepper

Pascal Tepper is a French bakery which also offers a wide range of dine-in options to choose from. It’s in Dubai Media City right beside Radisson Blu Hotel, a plus for me as I live nearby. The interior of the restaurant had that classy French twist with bright purple walls and an airy atmosphere. They do have an outdoor seating but unfortunately, it was already too hot to sit outside. Summer is upon us, oh well!

For a French bakery I was impressed with the wide array of choices that they’ve got on their buffet table. I was thinking that it’ll be just full of croissants, it’s a French restaurant after all and on top of that – a non-alcoholic brunch. I was expecting that they’ll just focus more on breakfast food – well clearly, I have underestimated them.

On the buffet table they’ve got fresh salads, cereals and some hot meals like rice, fish, potatoes and steamed vegetables. They also have an omelet station and a crepe station. Coffee, tea, juice and water are of course free-flowing. They also have a kid’s buffet station which I really loved! At the kid’s buffet station they’ve got hash browns, fries, chicken nuggets, fish fingers and spaghetti bolognese. YUM!

Their buffet starts from 11am to 3pm, at around 1pm the place got really packed. I was seriously impressed and surprised that a non-alcoholic brunch in Dubai can be this popular. Well the food is good and the place was relaxed, it’s an ideal way to spend a non-hectic weekend. After trying out their Friday brunch, you’d definitely see me there again.

Pascal Tepper Friday brunch is priced at AED99 per adult and AED69 per child but with my Entertainer voucher, I paid only AED99 for the boyfriend and I. YAY!


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