Foodie Wednesdays: Mugg and Bean Dubai

Mugg and Bean Dubai
Mugg and Bean Dubai

Mugg and Bean Dubai

Mugg and Bean is our new go-to breakfast nook in Dubai, I think you can only have so many Shakespeare & Co breakfasts before you get sick and tired of it, yes? So as we discovered Mugg and Bean’s branch at Umm Suqeim we were more than delighted. It’s always packed when we go there but we always find ourselves a seat easily, they have indoor and outdoor seating – the latter isn’t really a favorite of mine as you’ve got the carpark as your view. The indoor is cozy but a bit small, still it is able to accommodate quite a number of diners all at once.

Mugg and Bean Dubai

Outdoor seating

Mugg and Bean Dubai

Mugg and Bean Dubai

We usually go for breakfast, my personal favorite would be the famous big breakfast while the boyfriend prefers the businessman’s breakfast.

Mugg and Bean Dubai

The famous big breakfast.

The big breakfast delivers its promise, the serving is HUGE and it’s not at all bad. Well actually, every single plate that I’ve ordered from Mugg and Bean is of huge serving. I’ve never been able to finish off a meal that they serve and trust me, I never do that. I’m a big breakfast eater but Mugg and Bean’s breakfasts are much more than what my stomach can handle. The big breakfast has mushrooms, sausages (not really crazy about it), bacon strips, potato fries, baked beans, two eggs cooked the way you want, roasted tomato and two slices of bread. I usually go for brown bread which is exactly like ordering a Big Mac and having diet coke right? LOL. It is really good though, I considered asking the waitress if I can order a loaf of brown bread to go but forgot to ask because I don’t know, maybe because I was too full? Although the bacon is cold normally when served which isn’t really the way it’s supposed to be in case you don’t know, all the other servings on their big breakfast plate were good. All of their breakfast meals also come with coffee or tea.

Mugg and Bean Dubai

Flapjack stack breakfast

Mugg and Bean Dubai

Cobb Salad, the dressing is really great!

Service is a hit and miss – a bit slow and they would normally forget something which is supposed to be included in your meal. There was also this one time when the boyfriend asked for a refill of his coffee and the waiter took the mug from our table holding it by its rim – right where the boyfriend drinks it from. LOL. It’s a little disgusting really but we just had a laugh at it. Of course when the mug was refilled, the boyfriend didn’t dare touch it and we just asked for our bill. Yes the service is not the greatest but you can tell that they’re all trying. I’m not really very fussy about it, as long as the food comes on our table and it tastes good – I’d be fine. 🙂


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  • nadamohammed May 22, 2014 at 17:31

    I need to find a husband who likes to have breakfast outside before I can venture out to areas like Umm Suqeim!!!! For now, I am constrained to the occasional breakfast with some lady friends at JBR – depends on my mood too 😉

    • Pinay Flying High May 23, 2014 at 07:58

      Ooopf! There you go again with finding a husband… You can go to umm suqeim without a husband, you know that right? All you need to do is hail a cab, tell the driver to drop you off at umm suqeim and before you know it – you’re there! 😉

      • nadamohammed May 24, 2014 at 19:29

        I will leave my comment for when we meet 😀

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