Foodie Wednesdays: Hanoi Naturally at Jumeirah Lake Towers

Hanoi Naturally

Last week, out of boredom I contacted my blogger friends if they want to go on a foodie adventure with me and catch up. All of them agreed instantly since our schedules match for the very first time, that’s the reason why you should have blogger friends – we’re most likely adventurous and would say yes in an instant if that means we get to write something new on the blog. As long as it doesn’t have a conflict with our work schedule.

There were a lot of suggestions thrown in while planning where to go until Lady suggested that we try the Vietnamese restaurant at my current neighborhood, Jumeirah Lake Towers. I was happy for 2 reasons, 1. because it’s literally a short distance from my house and 2. I love their food and I know my blogger friends will not be disappointed with it. The restaurant is called, Hanoi Naturally.

Hanoi Naturally

Photo taken from Hanoi Naturally’s Facebook page

Hanoi Naturally

Photo taken from Hanoi Naturally’s Facebook page

The location of Hanoi Naturally is great specially for those taking the metro. It is in Gold Crest Executive Building, Cluster C of Jumeirah Lake Towers. A very short walk away from JLT metro stop, probably only 2 minutes. It is a small restaurant which looks so much like the family-run restaurants that we have in the Philippines which we call carinderia. It’s always full whenever I pass by it so when I first moved to JLT, that was the very first restaurant that I’ve tried and it didn’t really disappoint.

Hanoi Naturally

Lady and Edcel being their blogger self while Ed (Lady’s husband) looks on. I bet Ed was as hungry as I was.

As soon as the food was served, all cameras and phones were out and the bloggers started taking photos. We must’ve looked crazy for some of the diners in the restaurant but we just can’t help it. I was so hungry that time that I did one of the capital sins for bloggers – I took a serving out of a plate before taking a photo of it. I felt guilty throughout the meal. :p I guess that’s one of the bad things you get for being friends with bloggers then, you’ll probably die of hunger if the blogger has not taken that one great shot yet of the food that you’re about to digest.

Hanoi Naturally

The oh so delicious pho!

Hanoi Naturally

The bun bac diet (have no idea how to pronounce it)

We ordered multiple dishes to share which we all thought was too much once it was served. At the end of the meal though, all plates were cleaned off for either being too good to have it wasted or we were all just very hungry. Among the dishes that we’ve ordered, pho was the most amazing. It’s like taking me back to that time that I was in Saigon where I had the most amazing pho ever. Pho in Hanoi Naturally was equally delicious. We ordered the Hanoi special, it looks so bland and so boring but once you get to have that one sip of its soup – you’ll definitely get hooked. It’s my favorite Vietnamese dish and one that I always crave for when I want to have some soup. Another dish that I would say is a must try is their bun, we ordered the Hanoi special bun. A bun is kind of like a salad with vermicelli noodles and marinated meat of your choice. Hanoi special bun comes with marinated beef which was just oh so yummy! The serving of their bun is huge, all 6 of us shared it. Finally, I do highly recommend as well bo bit tet which is beef steak on a sizzling hot plate served with fries, fried egg and baguette. I had that as well when I was in Saigon and I remembered how tasty it was. The one served in Hanoi Naturally was tasty too, the meat was marinated well but I think it was slightly overcooked as it was quite hard to bite on. I still loved it though. We ordered some other dishes but those three were the ones which my taste buds fell in love with.

Hanoi Naturally

The blogger feast! It looks too few but there were still some dishes on the other side of the table that I wasn’t able to capture on this photo. :p

Hanoi Naturally has reasonable prices, ranging from 20 to 50 dirhams per dish. The total amount of the feast that we just had was AED407 for 6 people which was cheap for me considering the quality of the food and the quantity of what we’ve ordered. If those photos didn’t make you crave for Vietnamese food right now then I don’t know what will.

Hanoi Naturally
Facebook page
Tel 044313099


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  • nadamohammed July 9, 2014 at 12:18

    I’m not sure if I tried this place before or not Maybe we could go there when we meet next. The spring rolls look delicious 🙂

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