Foodie Wednesdays: Black Hog BBQ and Bar

The boyfriend and I love a down-to-earth meal – laidback, informal atmosphere with good quality of meat to be served on our table. When we passed by Black Hog BBQ and Bar on our way to the Circuit Court of Frederick County, the boyfriend and I agreed that we will have our lunch there as we thought it fits our dining requirements to a tee. So after getting our marriage license and buying our wedding rings, we went on our way to Black Hog BBQ and Bar. It didn’t disappoint.

We asked to be seated outside to enjoy the great weather that day. Our very efficient and friendly waiter handed the menu to us and delivered our drinks in no time. I ordered iced tea lemonade while the boyfriend of course ordered a beer. The menu was very straightforward – meat, meat and meat. Just the way we like it. :p We chose the 3-meat option from their Signature Meat Selection: Smoked Beef Brisket, Smoked Sausage and BBQ Pulled Pork Shoulder and a french fries on the side. A tray-full of the meat we ordered arrived shortly and everything looked and smelled so delicious! I accidentally deleted the photo of our tray so I’ll just use this photo I grabbed from Black Hog’s Facebook page which is exactly what we ordered:

Black Hog BBQ and Bar

Photo grabbed from Black Hog BBQ and Bar’s Facebook page

Everything was tender, juicy and done to perfection. The meat was so tender that you need not to exert too much effort as you cut a piece of it using the plastic utensils they provided. I had to exert a huge amount of self control though to stop myself from eating too much of it since I would like to fit in my wedding gown which I’m bound to wear 7 days after that meal. I made a mental note though that I will go back after the wedding. LOL.

The meal was too perfect that the boyfriend decided to go back to Black Hog BBQ and Bar just 2 days before our wedding. Torturing me once again as I try to control myself from stuffing my face with all those food. Definitely a recommended place if you ever find yourself in Frederick, Maryland.

Black Hog BBQ & Bar
118 South Market St., Frederick, MD
Facebook page


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  • Mitzie Mee September 25, 2014 at 11:27

    Looks really delicious. Though every time I see the word “pulled pork” I think of a pork being pulled all the way to the slaughterhouse:):)

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