Dubai: Amwaj Rotana’s Christmas Day Brunch

Amwaj Rotana's Christmas Day Brunch, Dubai

I know I’m one month late to post about my Christmas day celebration, I have a valid reason though – I can’t really say much about the brunch except for: IT WAS EXTREMELY GOOD!


We reserved a table for 5 at Amwaj Rotana’s Christmas day brunch priced as AED400 per person including unlimited standard house beverages. It’s a bit pricey I know but that’s actually the normal prices for a lot of restaurants offering festive lunches and dinners for that day. The brunch was at La Terrazza and joined by my two favorite restaurants in Dubai – Rosso and Benihana along with Horizon as well. So basically their brunch spread was a variety of Italian, Japanese and International cuisine all in one place. It was one of the best brunches I’ve ever had here in Dubai – the price they charged was totally worth it. They’ve got live entertainment to add up to the already Christmassy atmosphere of the place. By the end of the brunch, Santa Claus passed by and gave gifts to children. 🙂


The only downside was, the brunch spread was located in different parts of the terrace including inside Rosso – which I didn’t know until I was already full from all the food that they have outside. They should’ve given a map or something to the diners to guide us. Lol. I only found out about the selection that they have inside Rosso when I asked one of the servers where the desserts were and she guided me inside the restaurant. On the way to the desserts area, I passed by the seafood section – so I stopped and filled a plate with everything that they have. Meanwhile, the server who was walking ahead of me was a bit confused about this particular detour. I can never say no to seafood. Never.

For dessert, I had an icecream even if it was already cold. We stayed until 4pm, making the most out of the unlimited drinks that we have. It was a great Christmas day brunch, I’m glad we chose to celebrate Christmas day here.

I hope you had a great Christmas day like ours! 🙂


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