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First-world problem.

October 21, 2012

So last Thursday while I was at work, my iphone suddenly crashed down and my reaction was to scream NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO in slow motion (drama). Well at least that’s what I felt like doing if only I wasn’t at work. Anyway, so I was typing a message one minute and then the next, my iphone was a blank black screen. Like it was turned off. When I got home, I immediately plugged it in to charge but to no avail, still didn’t work. The boyfriend told me that my phone was still ringing though and not getting the turned-off message. So I figured it must be the screen which has a problem and it actually sucked the life out of me since it was a Thursday and on top of that, I was celebrating my birthday that night and was planning to get loads of photos. And if you know me really well, that right there, would ruin my night. Me, who would probably walk straight into a burning building to save my iphone and my passport.

Anyway the next day, I was about to go to my service provider to check what’s up with my phone but then my better judgment took ahold of me and decided to “google” this case. Boy was I glad that I did it as it saved me the hassle of falling in line for a period of time and probably saved me some money as well. Apparently, it’s an iphone4’s glitch. I came across a thread where loads of people have experienced the same thing and the solution was: press the power and home button at the same time for about 20 seconds and your phone will turn right back up.

Easy breezy. I was a happy camper once again.

So if you’ve stumbled upon my blog because you’re having the same problem, go on. Try it. :p

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