First UAE Driver’s License Test Attempt – FAILED!!!

RTA: you were not keeping safe distance that’s why you’ve failed
Me: what exactly is safe distance?
RTA: at least 2 cars away from the car in front of you
Me: but you asked me to change lane and the right lane’s on a stop, of course I will not keep distance from the car in front of me.
RTA: yes, but while you were changing the lane, you did not keep safe distance
Me: but you gave the direction too late. I need to get in the lane before it’s too late to change it.
RTA: well, you shouldn’t have done the change if you think it’s dangerous
Me: i didn’t know i was supposed to question your directions.
on my way home, inside the cab:

Driver: so madam, did you pass the road test?
Me: nahhhh
Driver: how many times have you taken it?
Me: this is the first time
Driver: of course you will not pass it, don’t feel sad.
Me: how many times did you take the road test before you passed it?
Driver: twice and i’ve been driving in my country for 13 years before i came here
Me: what was the reason why they failed you the first time?
Driver: the RTA told me that i was not being serious
so now after failing the exam, i need to pay additional AED760.00 for the Road Test fee and some more classes.


Update: I got the license on the second road test. 🙂


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  • Sofi leen May 23, 2017 at 12:55

    I remember the first time I went to the UAE and looking all over the internet for the information you’ve placed so well here! Thanks for sharing

  • money maker drivig institute February 25, 2017 at 08:48

    Note: i took 20 class
    2 take sa parking
    1 take sa internal assestment
    With boucher less sa mga bayarin.

    Done with my 1st rta final rd test earlier. Ayun binagsak ako tootoo nga ang mga bali balita na peperahan ka muna bago ka ipasa. So approximately mga 3k palang naggastos ko sa lahat until this day my 1st final rta rd test.

    Sa waiting area tinawag ako nug taga galadari may pinakita niya record ko sa computer at tinanong kung ako ba yun. Thrn sbe ko oo at pinaupo nako ulit. Maya maya kinausap niya ung rta supervisor di ko lg alam pinag usapan nila pero nakakutob nako na something sa record ko im not sure. Then ung visor kinausap nman ung nag final road test sa akin. So ano kaya ang pinag usapan nung tatlo? Malakas kutob ko na may kuntsabahan nangyare.

    Drivig test turn ko na. Sa loob ng parking area illabas ko ssakyan tama signal ko left kasi papunta kme right ok wala problema may hard line na which means stop kahit walang stop sign. Hhinto nako sinabihan ako go daw? So ako naman nag slowdown ng bagal then go then sa pangalawang line nag full stop ako. Then pinaikot nako sa kung saan no problem wala pang 2 minutes ung pag ddrive ko pinag park ulit ako dun sa dati. Ni check ok.

    Pag dating sa office bagsak kme lahat tatlo. Ni explain niya sa amin isa isa. Sa akin sbe niya maganda daw pag ddrive ko no problem but sometimes i dont check mirror no problem daw. Pero ung sa hard line daw di ako huminto. Kaya bagsak ako. Sbe ko sa local you told me to go. Then he replied you should still stop on that. Oha. Naisahan ako ng mga loko ayon nakahanap ng isang major offense bagsak agad. Nakikita ko nman sa local na parang nagsisisi na binagsak kme mulang di bukal sa loob niya. Kasi yug rta na local din un ung nagpasa sa akin sa parkig test ko na pangalawang take.

    Mukang napag utusan lg siguro na mambagsak nakita kasi g galadari na di pa sila kumikita ng malaki sa akin. Hmmmm. Kaya sa mga mag aaral sa galadari think twice bago mag enroll.

  • money maker drivig institute February 25, 2017 at 08:19

    Assestment 1 try only. Then i had earlier my 1st attempt on final test. I didnt passed. At first i had a gut feeling they will fail me because i was alone called by an galadari employee and asked me if im the one on the computer he’s checking my records my classes is in the computer monitor. Then he asked me to sit. A few minutes later he talked to the supervisor of rta and the rta talked to the person who did my final road test. I believed there is a connivance happened. And i believed they talked about my classes. Because i only took 20 classes because i had 5 years drivig license back in our country.

    Then here comes the road test. He let me drive in a parking area with alot of hard line which means stop. But he asked me to go ahead even with that. So i just follow his order. Then he asked me to u turn at round about all is well. Then he asked me to park then the next drivers turn.

    After all of us 3 people done with the test he talked to us he failed me because of the reason i didnt stop on the lane even he asked me to go ahead. I feel he intended to do it so i could have a immediate fail on my score sheet. Then he told me im good in driving with less mistake but he said i didnt stop on the stop line. So i told him you said you want me to go but he smile and told me you should still stop.

    Anyway, i hope ill get it in 2nd try.
    To the people who only enroll a 20 class expect them to fail you at first try because they need to make money out of you.

    Just my opinion.

  • st November 14, 2016 at 11:08

    760 AED again we have to give if we fail the exam at first attempt (without using the DL of any country)? How many attempts allowed, 3? If we fail at all the three attempts, do we need to open the file again with all the money involved?

  • Siva October 22, 2016 at 15:54

    I took my academy road test today and not to my surprise the instructor failed me, just because he can! Really frustrated and searching for RTA grievance redressal to lodge a complaint but in vain, on the regard that academy examiners are intentionally failing people taking classes in private.

  • Daniel August 23, 2016 at 14:26

    They’re unfair.. If arabic ang nag exam kahit naka short nakakapasa…kahit maraming mistakes pinapasa….well god bless sa kanila….

  • Gopvinda June 15, 2014 at 09:35

    Nice experience

  • rap March 20, 2014 at 14:36

    salamat at dahil sa iyo napasa ko. at share ko din anu nangyari sa akin

    Good day to all of you.
    I want to share my experience doing the road test exam here in Dubai UAE, I just passed on my 3rd take this 3rd month of 2014. Which they say the toughest year since starting from 2012 RTA introduced a more stringent road test exam with highway classes (mandatory if you passed the Road Test Exam)…
    Since I’m really new in driving I did take the whole 40 class’s package together with the assessment road test, signal test, parking test. I did take the Automatic Light vehicle since my work is not really driving. It’s ok if you want to take the Manual Light Vehicle but be warned that if you are not keen working a quiet clutch, gear, acceleration and brake mode all together in a harmonious way in changing lane, right turn, left turn, U-turn etc, while with your Road test examiner you might fail. I rather recommend people who have experience driving Manual in their country to take the said Manual classes here in Dubai, UAE.
    Failure is not an option for me; I strive to perfect it without a mistake. The only hindrance that I can say is about the money! Yes money and why money? Because if you have money to burn you can schedule easily again and again till you pass your road test exam. Well in my case since I don’t have much money, I try to save for one year and a half of my salary and finally holding about 9,000 aed before I go to driving school.
    First I Did passed the Signal test, a computerized time limit of about an hour for you to understand the question and pick the right answer which I pass on one take! Some people that I’m with did fail and you pay another 300 aed! Next:
    Ok 40 classes, some good Pakistani and Indian Instructor, while other’s I have had a hard time communicating since I can’t understand the English diction they say but hey it’s still driving so I follow the rules of the road as much as I can!
    Then the assessment road tests, in this test if you pass you are still given 12 or 8 classes before the actual road test. If you fail they will give you 8 classes and you take the assessment test until you pass. Sadly I did fail on the first take since I’m not familiar with the road area were we did the test. I think my instructor did not let me go to that area!
    Now the road test! Before the Road test which I have to schedule for another 2-3 weeks since a lot of people are taking. So I’m idle for the next few weeks before my road test! So the best way for me is watch YouTube about driving test and it helps a lot. After that waiting I finally manage to have my first road test: let’s be clear Tester is the one who will take the exam while the RTA examiner is the one who will passed or fail you!
    1st road test: Me, and 2 tester Indian guys. So I’m the first to take the car outside the main branch. first again I did the usual check mirror, seat, steering wheel adjustment and saying sir please put your seatbelt! Then while leaving the branch the examiner said to me Left change lane, right Change lane, 2 U-Turn, 2 Roundabout U- Turn. While driving the examiner said I hold the steering wheel too much that it cost the car to shake! So I try the best not hold it too much but I can’t! Then he said also I put break too much which I did, I did feel the pedal break is so lose and I have no way to handle it! Then for about 8 or 10 minutes which I’m the longest tester in this group which I have no idea why? So when I’m near the roundabout I check my left shoulder and see a car but it’s too far so I manage to enter the roundabout and suddenly the examiner hold my steering wheel. I was shock because I know I failed once they got hold on your steering wheel! He said park the car which I did! 2nd tester on his 5th try, drive a nice modest change lane right and left, 2 U-turn, 3 Right turn. During driving the tester suddenly ask the name of the examiner, how he is doing, how about work, etc. which the examiner answer nicely. While talking the tester said “are you going to fail me”? Examiner said why are you asking me? This is an Exam you must be focus! Then all of a sudden we are on the service lane at the center of the bus stop! Examiner got mad and he said park the car! And all I thinks it’s about 5 minutes. 3rd Tester is small quiet guy, same Left/right Change Lane, 2 U-turn, etc. While driving examiner asks a question and said which road lane speed is allowed here? The tester answers a long one and said “sir it’s 40 mph here” and the examiner shook his head in disbelief because it’s a 2 lane and 2 lanes are 60 mph! So we go back straight to the base, while nearing the base the tester come across a humps! Then while driving through it at a speed about 20-25mph we all got shook and shock on our seat! He did not slow down. So when we arrive and park the car the examiner said to him in directly “YOU FAIL”! All for about 4 minutes, So sadly we all fail. But examiner gave us a good advice like me, he said I try to control lightly the steering wheel and not break too hard. Same goes on the 2nd tester to focus on the exam while the 3rd one without any advice given is just plain quiet.
    2nd Road Test: the worst time I did take it that day because of one idiot fighting loudly tester who happen to be the 1st tester! So me and 2 Tester who happen to be both Arabic speaking in origin! So sequence is 1st tester (I have no idea which Arab country), 2nd Tester is Egyptian by the looks of him and how he speak and 3rd is Me. 1st tester is the one who take the car outside the main branch; all is good change lane and right turn, then while we are on the 3 lanes (1st right lane, 2nd right lane, and 3rd left lane) which we are on the second right lane near a red signal. While waiting for the green light the 1st tester suddenly put the Handbrake up! The examiner saw what happen and shook his head and writes something on a paper, then green light is up and we go, while driving the 1st tester change lane to the 1st right lane. Then from there the examiner and tester exchange words in Arabic which I’m trying to understand what is happening! But then we park on a right shoulder and examiner told to the 2nd tester to go to the steering wheel. At this time both 1st tester and examiner are talking loudly in Arabic that the examiner almost got mad put up a his hand high towards 1st tester and like saying shut-up! So 2nd tester drives nicely without any word from the examiner and said park the car on the service road. So 2nd tester park the car and examiner told to me go to the steering wheel. So it’s me, same check mirror, seat, steering wheel etc. while driving towards the base and its traffic. He said I change left lane but again its heavy traffic, so since he said it! I try to manage to change left lane but I can’t or else we will bump to the left side of the car. So I said I’m sorry sir I can’t change lane for a short period of time on the road, and then we go back to the base of the main branch. After that we all were given a Fail report. I guess the 1st tester gave a bad introduction to Me and the Egyptian guy. But before he gave us the report I ask the 1st tester what happen and he said that his instructor told him to be in a safe mode while with the examiner put a handbrake in a red signal and always go on the right first lane to be safe! While you read this think what is wrong with the 1st tester during the exam?
    3rd Road Test: a happy day. 1st tester Pakistani, 2nd tester Indian and 3rd is me. 1st tester took the car and while driving the examiner told him to change lane left and right several times. The car move suddenly and abruptly that the entire passenger also move from their seat. Examiner said park the car and while at park the examiner and tester are talking so long and I think at this moment examiner is trying to tell him what is wrong. So 2nd tester moves the car from the parking lot and we go straight to an area where there are no cars park and no traffic at all. The best driving course I have seen and so easy to maneuver. But the examiner notice that every time we are near to a broken line yield the tester totally stop and check his head left and right and then go. And while tester is near the straight line stop sign he did not totally stop but he was creeping slowly and checking his head left and right and go, Examiner said park the car. So park the car and it’s my turn. So it’s me I left the parking area and we go to same area where the 2nd tester did his driving. This time I did the opposite, whenever I’m near the broken line yield I creep slowly and check my head left and I go. While I’m near the straight line stop sign I totally stop and check left and right of my head before I go. While driving for no reason I suddenly introduced myself and while smiling I did tell him a joke which the examiner laughs. And from then on I feel ok driving with him even if he pass or fail me. So while we are near the main branch which I park nicely I just said to him “thank you sir emirati” and he smile… so I PASSED… 1st tester also passed but the 2nd one did not!
    Then I have to pay for a highway fee and license fee for a grand total of 7.981 aed, Thank you I hope I have shared my experience and learn from it. Thank you!
    O and the remaining amount of about 1k, I called my friends and have a grand party on my flat the whole night!

  • Web Ranking April 22, 2013 at 08:21

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  • nadia April 21, 2010 at 12:04

    I’m sorry about your road test. I am in a similar situation, and the RTA officer failed me because I didn’t overtake the truck. They feel that they are always right in their assessment, and no matter how carefully we drive, they always find faults – most of them utterly ridiculous.

    Good luck on our next road test 🙂

    • galatea234 April 22, 2010 at 14:16

      insha allah we will get it on our next road test. update me of yours. 🙂

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