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June 18, 2008

So Ces Drilon (the newscaster captured by the Abu Sayyaf) together with her crew were freed earlier by the captors. Government is vehemently denying that they paid the 15million peso-ransom asked by abu sayyaf. According to Loren Legarda (who am sure will run for President in 2010) she gave abu sayyaf the option of livelihood programs instead of giving the original demand of PHP15 million for the freedom of one of the most respected journalist in the country. Seriously, Ms. Loren Legarda, do you really believe that shit? Of course the ransom was paid. I don’t think Abu Sayyaf is that stupid to take the livelihood program instead of the Php15million which can easily start a livelihood for themselves. Government lost again over the leftist group. And you’re all just saving face ‘coz you know you have just triggered them to knowing that kidnap for ransoms can be a good business for all of them.

As for Ces Drilon, she knows what she’s getting herself into when she went to Sulu, the haven of Abu Sayyaf. Well yeah, it’s part of her job. So am ending my blog now, ‘coz am not making any sense now. Gay friend is online and bugging me about how gay he is… korek ka diyan!!!!

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  • Reply Mer Pints June 19, 2008 at 16:59

    The “livelihood ransom” is also another case of tongpats. There are other personalities who shared the loot with the abu sayyaf. Authorities should identify them bring to court.

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