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November 12, 2008

for some reason, my blog stat is soaring high today. no idea why. the blog which got the most hit was the pseudo-relationship blog. probably, lots of people are into it now. hmmmm…. anyway, can i just rant about some things????

1. the pilot’s girlfriend reads my blog (hello pilot’s girlfriend!) and i hope she doesn’t take anything against me as she really has nothing to worry about the pilot. i have tried to seduce him but to no avail, he just shrugged off. hahaha. and yes, am just kidding! please!!!!! being a mistress/third party is not on my to-do list. am so much more sophisticated than that. :p

2. “the crush” sent me a message. and i didn’t budge. hehehe. so yes, finally…. am ok. just don’t let him start anything now and i’ll be absof*ckinglutely fine come christmastime.

3. “the someone” is a mind-blogger for denden and monmon, and it’s so much fun to play this game with these two ladies. they’re both dying to hear the latest gossip about that “someone” and they have made a conclusion for themselves that “someone” is the someone we knew from somewhere. just to give these girls another reason to be curious about that someone, here’s one phrase that am sure will cause a hysterical fit for these two – 555 sardines. hahahahahhahahahaahahahahaha.

4. she’s about my eldest sister’s age but how come she has not reached her maturity level yet??? poor girl.

5. my schedule for next week and the weeks to follow sucks. BIG TIME!

6. am feeling sleepy

7. i should go to sleep

8. am wondering when will my photographer post my other photos????? simon!!!!!! brown series please…

9. am ok, until supplies last. huh???

10. this is yet, another of those nonsense ramblings

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