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December 3, 2009

Things to know about yours truly. Really silly things nonetheless.

1. I always put my left leg in first when dressing up in jeans/pants whatever.

2. I brush the right side of my mouth first for no particular reason.

3. I wash my vajayjay first before anything else when i take a shower (i got that “vajayjay” thing from oprah. hehehe) I also cannot sleep at night when I haven’t washed my vajayjay and changed into a fresh pair of undies. If I’m on a sleepover and does not have something to change to, I need to change my pantyliners or napkin – whatever the case may be.

4. I once went to my school at puberty stage with a stroller for my bag and i seriously looked like a dork. Well ok, i was already a dork with or without the stroller. Nobody knows me in my highschool anyway so I went ahead with it. It was a dare by a “good” friend and in return she went to her school with a carebear lunchbox. Yeah, we’re weird like that.

5. I have collected all the photos of Shawn “The Heartbreak Kid” Michaels of the World Wrestling Federation and put it in my wallet. I show it off to my classmates when I was in highschool, at some point I thought being an avid fan of WWF was totally cool. I forgot my reasons why I ever thought that it was cool.

6. I am clumsy. So clumsy that a 5-yr old kid can trip me over, face first.

7. My bed is a very sacred place. Lying on it without changing the clothes I’ve worn outside is like using the Lord’s name in vain. A very serious sin and cannot be tolerated. I can tolerate clutter all over my room but never on my bed.

8. I am a sucker for fried chickens. I like eating the boney part of a chicken, sometimes if circumstances permit and the chicken is really very crunch – I’d eat everything including the bones.

9. I don’t wear socks. It annoys the hell out of me just to feel that my toes cannot move freely. Except of course for tights when I’m dancing ballet, but now that I’m just dancing as part of my fake attempt to keep fit, I don’t even wear tights anymore.

10. I always sit with my left leg under my right thighs – wherever and whenever. I also like to do that “indian sit”. Thank goodness to the enclosed counters at work, my passengers will never know that am sitting like this underneath my counter.

11. Video games bore me. I can’t even play any of the Facebook applications for a whole month without getting bored by it.

12. I’ve seen the movie “The Sound of Music” probably about 50 times. It was the first movie I’ve really liked as a kid. I even developed a crush on Captain Von Trapp.

13. I like eating more than sleeping.

14. I have an imaginary friend called Bebo. Bebo is 6ft, chubby, thinks like 15 yrs old but he’s really just 10 and he’s very loyal to me. He follows me around and is at this moment bugging me as I type this entry. And oh! He’s got a chainsaw wrapped around his waist just incase someone hurts me or do as little as roll their eyes at me. BEWARE….

15. I pretend to be Thai who doesn’t speak English whenever I am being bothered by someone who’s really not worth my time. The Thai accent is more interesting than a Filipino accent, that’s why I pretend to be Thai. I may not know how to speak English but at least I got a cute accent.

16. I cannot possibly cross a bridge suspended on a really really high part of a mountain with a wild river underneath it. I will pass out at the sight of it.

17. When I was a kid, I was played at by an elf because I killed his brother. It happened when me and my cousin were playing underneath a really old tree inside the lot of a really old house we once lived in which is just across our real house. According to the “albularyo” who did all the voo doo prayers at me I stepped onto the youngest son of the family of elves living inside that tree. He came into this theory when the red candle he uses to perform his voo doo magically transformed its wax into a shape of a little man (who i hypothetically killed) when the candle’s wax was dropped on a basin of hot water. As a result, I had really bad nightmares and will wake up in the middle of a very loud scream (that is me screaming) telling my oldest sister not to come near me. I freaked out my sister really bad. It even came to a point when my brother placed a crucifix beside my pillow and I threw it across the room screaming to get it off me. I am not sure if my brother and sister still remember that but it was hilarious to see their faces really really scared when I come out of my “unlucid” moments. I don’t remember anymore how the whole fiasco of the elves’ family against me ended – though as far as I know that really old tree is still standing tall in the middle of that lot.

18. I dream about dead people telling me to tell someone something which is very important. I’m a ghost whisperer of some sort when I’m sleeping.

19. My hair color is naturally reddish/orangish which reminds me of kids who’ve been playing for a long time outside while the sun is mightily shining and damaging their hair. That’s why I always dye my hair to black.

20. If someone sneezes/coughs in front of me/near me/with me inside an enclosed area, I hold my breath for as long as I can fearing to catch the bacteria/germs that person emitted.

21. When I was in college, I did not eat pork or beef for a whole year. It used to give me bad gas and a serious tummy ache. Gross I know. :p I just ate chicken and seafood for that whole year.

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  • Reply annray December 16, 2009 at 06:08

    hahahaha i also do the thai accent thing whenever i am alone in a foreign country and does not want to interact! so i’m anti-social…shoot me! hehehe

    • Reply galatea234 December 16, 2009 at 21:07

      haha, you do it better than i do.

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