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* face palm *

May 22, 2010

on a normal working day:

passenger: how much is the fare from dubai to mangalore?
agent: do you have any preferred carrier?
passenger: how about kingfisher?
agent: it’s AED1425.00 for your travel dates.
passenger: but it’s only AED1105 with Air Arabia
agent: sir, you cannot compare the price of a budget carrier with an international carrier. budget carrier fares will always be cheaper.
passenger: are you playing smart on me? don’t you know that i’m from england? i’m educated in england and i’m more sophisticated and educated than you are.
agent: sir, i’m not playing smart on you and i am also educated, maybe not from england but i am also educated.
passenger: no you’re stupid and you’re playing smart on me.
agent: sir, please mind your language.
* BLAG *

based on my colleague’s true story which happened 2 hours earlier.

Note: passenger is a frequent customer and an Indian decent who acquired a UK passport. agent is also Indian.

* face palm *

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    What a *Bleep*! 😀

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