Exploring The Beautiful Medieval Village of Eze, France

Eze, France
The beautiful Eze in the South of France should not be skipped if you're planning your medieval village hopping around Nice. It's a town frozen in time.

The French Riviera is blessed with numerous medieval villages but Eze is at the top of my list to go back to on my recent trip with The Greek Mister. I fell deeply in love with it the first time I was there and I wanted my husband to experience the same.

Eze, France

Eze is a mere 25-minute drive from Nice, I went there the first time by joining a group tour – constrained in time, I was unable to enjoy it as much as I would’ve liked. Having said that, I enjoyed it better when we visited it on our own with all the time in the world.

Eze, France

Eze is perched on a hilltop, you can see its imposing glory from afar. The location of the village gives it a great vantage point of the lush vegetation surrounding it and the Mediterranean sea.

Eze, France

It is a typical Provencal medieval village with so much charm and character. This stone city can only be explored on foot and the labyrinth of of its narrow streets which gives you a beautiful scenery in every turn is a delight to walk around in.

Eze, France

The name Eze was derived from the ancient Egyptian goddess, Isis – Ancient Phoenicians who colonized this area gave this name. Quite a fitting name as Isis means “woman of the throne”, she is a splendid queen atop of this magnificent hill.

Eze, France

As of 2014, the population of Eze is around 3,000 inhabitants which is quite hard to believe considering the size of it. I can’t help but wonder what life would’ve been like living in this perfect little place? Magical, I guess.

Eze, France

If Disney movies come to mind as you walk through this enchanting village, there’s a reason behind that. The village has attracted many famous people including Disney himself who was believed to do some sketches during his stay here.

Eze, France

It is one of the must-see stops in your village-hopping while in Nice, it’s something that you won’t be able to see anywhere else. It’s a picture-perfect place with a million-dollar view, don’t skip it.

Eze, France

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Exploring the beautiful Medieval village of Eze, France

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  • Tanja/The Red Phone Box travels January 17, 2019 at 20:11

    lovely photos! I’ve visited it too:) and bought a perfume in the factory below:)

  • Scarlett Roitman January 11, 2019 at 07:38

    J’adore Eze. One of my favourite places in the world and my most memorable lunch ever was at Chåteau de la Chèvred’Or. Swoon.

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