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EU 101

October 28, 2010

EU is not a country nor is it a place. It’s an acronym for “European Union” which is the political union of 27 states in Europe.

So if you’ll tell me that you want a flight going to EU, it’s like asking me to book a flight for you going to ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) or to the UN (if you’re a bit stupid, United Nations) which is kind of stupid and will really not make any sense. Don’t feel like I’m being a smart ass on you if I tell you that there is no flight going to EU but there are flights going to Europe… now the question is, which country in Europe would you like to go to? As Europe is a continent which is comprised of a huge number of countries (don’t really know how many countries it’s comprised of hehe).

AND!!!!!! don’t ever tell me that EU is the same as USA…. USA is a country, that is the name of the country itself. Even if it stands for United States of America, it is. the actual. name. of. the. country!!!!! EU is a totally different thing, what the CRAP is wrong with you?????

By the way, you’ve got lipstick on your teeth.


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