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March 5, 2012

I skipped the day 62 blog yesterday because I was in the hospital (yet again). I got food poisoned from the lunch that I had – bitter gourd with pork and egg. I ate it at around 3pm and as soon as I got home at 7pm I was vomiting and pooping nonstop. It even happened once that I was doing both, at the same freaking time! Gross I know but this just shows how getting food poisoned is one helluva b*tch. My stomach apparently doesn’t like bitter gourd as much as I hate the taste of it so it rejected to digest it and made me throw it all up. After about 10 rounds to the toilet, I started vomiting bile, this yellowish, bitter-tasting liquid. My whole body was aching from all the vomiting and pooping, at some point my flatmate told me I was becoming very pale and that we need to go to the hospital. So off we went.

The nurse probably doesn’t know what EMERGENCY means and made me sit at the waiting area for a good 10 minutes while I was trying my best not to throw up on the abaya of the local lady in front of me. When someone was finally ready to see me, I threw up – in front of the nurse, which is probably a very good alternative for the statement: I told you it’s an emergency, b*tch!

So anyway, the doctor did some tests (stool and blood test), found out my stomach is infected and I’m very dehydrated (who wouldn’t get dehydrated with all that nonstop vomiting and pooping) so I stayed quite a long time at the hospital to finish all the medications and the dextrose. And all those times, my flatmate was there with me to which I am truly grateful because I really hate hospitals – and spending some time there alone with all the tubes connected to me.

Right at this moment, I am ok. Still having a mild case of diarrhea but at least I’m no longer vomiting. I didn’t go to work because clearly, I cannot excuse myself every 20mins to go poop in the toilet. That’s not really a pretty sight ain’t it?

That photo right there serves as my excuse for not giving a day 62 blog entry.

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