Ending Our Day At Panormos Beach, Skopelos, Greece.

Panormos Beach, Skopelos, Greece

With only a few hours left for us to enjoy the Greek sunshine, we decided to go to Panormos beach after lazing around Kastani beach. It was a short drive but extremely scenic, we had a view of the sea peeking through the lush green trees as we passed the hilly roads of Skopelos island. Once we’ve arrived in Panormos beach, I had only one thought as I walked on the pebbles towards the sea – that I’m probably standing at one of the most atmospheric beach I have ever been.

Panormos Beach, Skopelos, Greece

The intoxicating combination of green and blue colors of the sea draws you towards it like a moth to a flame. Forested hills surrounding the beach on both sides and the silhouette of islands at the horizon opposite the beach creates a stunning backdrop for an already eye-popping scenery. Colorful beach towels sprawled along the pebbled shore and the numerous sunbeds occupied by beachgoers remind you that you’re not the only one who was captivated by Panormos Beach’s beauty, it’s one of a kind really.

Panormos Beach, Skopelos, Greece

As I have had enough sun that day in Kastani, I decided to join the boys for an afternoon drink at one of the many tavernas lined up along Panormos beach. I was feeling slightly hungry that time so I decided to order calamari with my drink, the boys somehow felt a little bit jealous of my dish so they also ordered some more seafood dishes. We ended up having a feast which is inevitable really when you’re in Greece.

Panormos Beach, Skopelos, Greece

After one too many tsipouros later, it was time to bid farewell to Panormos beach to get ready for a special dinner that we’re about to have that night. Find out where on my next post. 🙂


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