Emirgan Sutis, Offering You Authentic Turkish Tastes In The Heart of Doha.

Emirgan Sutis Doha

I was still a bit sick the day we went to Emirgan Sutis so instead of having a seat outside (as recommended by Creativity with Kay in our recent collaboration) and making the most out of the cold weather that we’re now all enjoying here in Doha, we had to sit inside to extend my life for about few more days. Yes, I’ve got the seasonal colds and cough and if I sat outside that night – I probably wouldn’t be writing about Emirgan Sutis right now from home but from a hospital bed somewhere in the city.

The indoor dining restaurant at Emirgan Sutis was, ok. Nothing really special about it except for the fact that it will keep you warm. I’m definitely sour-graping here as I was jealous of all the diners who were sitting outside with only the heater of steel and fire to keep themselves warm. The place was packed with purely Qatari locals and some Turkish diners as well. I think we were the odd couple in the place that night.

We were greeted by a friendly staff who upon saying that we have a reservation done for us that night, looked at us in bewilderment. I suppose you don’t make reservations in this place and you’d get a seat whenever you get one? Thankfully though, a couple of tables were available and we were immediately sat.

Menus were immediately handed over to us and as I perused through it, my stomach started to grumble even louder. I wanted to have everything. The enticing photos of each dishes paired with the smell of the grills coming from their kitchen made my mouth water so without wasting any more time, we placed our orders. We got a basket of bread and our appetizers immediately came.

Greek is very similar to Turkish cuisine so of course The Greek Mister chose the appetizers which hits close to home for him. We had haydari which I suppose is the Turkish version of Greek’s tzatziki. Made of homemade plain yogurt, with mint, dill and olive oil. The only difference it had with the Greek’s version is there’s no cucumber and garlic in it. Tastes wonderful to me and even the Greek Mister enjoyed it.

Emirgan Sutis Doha

We also had dolma which is stuffed grape leaves, a favorite of the Greek Mister but somehow no restaurant in Doha has ever satisfied his taste-requirement for the perfect dolma, except for Emirgan Sutis. Yes, as much as it was hard for him to admit it – he did say that it was probably the best dolma he’s had outside of Greece.

Emirgan Sutis Doha

For my mains, I had adana kebab spicy which came with fries and rice. The meat was grilled to perfection I must say. Very tasty and not dry. Contrary to how it was described though, it wasn’t spicy at all.

Emirgan Sutis Doha

The Greek Mister had grilled kofte which he also enjoyed. I had a taste of it too but didn’t quite enjoy it as much as he did but that’s probably because I already had a few bites of adana kebab and the flavors of the grilled kofte was much stronger than my dish.

Emirgan Sutis Doha

Now for many of you, you’d know that I’m not a big desserts fan but I have to say – the sutis pudding almost made me convert to become one. The chocolate syrup wasn’t very sweet and it had a distinct bittersweet flavor of a cocoa. The white pudding was a delight to eat too, soft and creamy.

Emirgan Sutis Doha

The Greek Mister had pistachio baklava which he enjoyed with a scoop of ice cream. I didn’t get to try it myself as I was too busy with my sutis pudding.

Emirgan Sutis Doha

Overall, the food was absolutely great but I have to say that it wasn’t the entire reason why we would go back to Emirgan Sutis. It’s probably more on the service of the staff which I think is highly commendable. They were quick, attentive and very helpful. We didn’t wait for long for each dishes to be served to us and everyone was very friendly to us, diners. We’re definitely going back.

I was a guest at Emirgan Sutis however as always, all photos are my own and opinion stated are genuine and in no way influenced.

Emirgan Sutis
Emadi Financial Square
Tel No 40375287
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  • Khansa January 11, 2016 at 12:35

    Glad to see you weren’t disappointed with my recommendation 🙂

    • Pinay Flying High January 15, 2016 at 18:07

      Definitely not. 🙂

      • Khansa January 16, 2016 at 13:01

        Need to recommend each other more though 🙂

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