The Eighth-Month of My Honeymoon Stage With London

Has it been that long? That’s what my passport stamp says, that it has already been eight months when I left the desert life for good and started my adventures in the land of greener pastures (quite literally!). Eight months of living in bliss, it still feels so surreal to me. I know it might not mean a lot to some and it could somehow sound shallow but let me tell you my story.


When I was a kid living in a small town in the Philippines, London is a far-fetched dream. It didn’t even cross my mind because the mere thought of it sounds preposterous.

Me: Someday, somehow – I’d live in London.
Life: Yeah, when pigs can finally fly that’s when that will happen.

That’s how impossible it was for me back then. I wouldn’t even waste my time of dreaming about it because I know it will never happen. It’s something that only happens in movies, if your life’s a fairy tale.


Kingston-Upon-Thames, London -

Even after living here for almost a year now, I am still falling in love with my new neighborhood – Kingston-Upon-Thames.


When I moved to Dubai, traveling around Europe was a dream come true. During that time, I was able to visit London and while I didn’t really love it that much at first (I was traveling solo and was followed by a drunk man in the tube) – it was still something that I’d remember for the rest of my life. Visiting London is one thing, that was feasible for me specially since my airline job in Dubai practically opened up the whole world for me to explore. But even then, it still hasn’t crossed my mind that I will someday write this very blog post sitting on a couch in our London apartment with the sound of the pitter patter of London rain on our window.


Hampton Court Palace,

Never have I imagined that a beautiful palace is going to be within walking distance from where I live.


I do still pinch myself sometimes just to remind me that this is my life now, I am actually living in London and no, pigs can still not fly. I have come a long way from the small town girl that I was who couldn’t even begin to imagine about the life that I’m living right now. It’s far from perfect but perfection, I think is subjective. Anyone’s life can be perfect because it’s just a state of mind.



When I watched the movie Notting Hill, I thought “what a pretty place that I will never see” and yet, here’s a photo I took of the same place when I visited it for the nth time.


It doesn’t matter where you are because you can choose to focus on the negative or you can embrace it and see the positive light to it. A lot of people have told me before when I moved to London that it’s just a matter of time before I start moaning about the cold weather of this place. My response to them would always be “have you experienced the 48-degree summer heat of the desert? Because I have, for 9 years.”

I don’t really know what’s so wrong about the weather here that is worth moaning about. Yes, it can get cold but it’s not like Antarctica cold. Personally, I’d rather live in a cold place like London which enjoys a bit of sun from time to time than live in a hot place. Why? Because it’s much easier to warm up than to cool down. You can layer your clothes when it’s cold but when it’s hot, you can go butt-naked and it’ll still be hot. See? Perspective! Everything is just a matter of perspective.


Natural History Museum Ice Rink, London -

After 9 years of half-hearted Christmas celebrations in the Middle East, I went crazy over the Christmas decorations of London last year. I can’t wait for this year’s!


Some people have warned me about the expensive cost of living here but seriously, you have no idea how much I was paying for fruits and vegetables in Doha. It was so expensive that when I first did my grocery here in London, I bought a bunch of avocado just because it was so cheap! (It was a bad decision, I wasn’t able to eat everything before it’s expiration date.)


London Bus 14,

You gotta love the craziness of the Piccadilly Circus, I will never get tired of it.


We may not be living the luxurious lifestyle the Middle Eastern cities that we once lived in introduced us but you know what? I actually couldn’t be happier. We have given up a lot of things when we left the Middle East, let’s just say that we could afford to live comfortably there with only The Greek Mister working while we can’t afford to do that now here in London. Yes, we sacrificed a lot of things but I can honestly say that it was all worth it. Cliche but there are some things money can’t buy. Absolutely.


Christmas in Bath,

I am absolutely psyched that there are so many places to explore within a driving distance from London.


I am reminded every single day of how far I’ve realized these once-upon-a-time far-fetched dreams. Who would’ve thought that a small town girl from the Philippines would be able to go this far? Figuratively and literally. If there’s one thing I learned from the turn of events in my life it’s that dreams are much closer to reality than you think it is. Never ever underestimate it.


Canterbury -

Historical places which I only read in books are now just a mere train ride away from where I am.


And to you who’s reading this post, I hope you’re happy and contented wherever you are in the world because you never know, there might be a little girl somewhere across the globe dreaming to have the life that you have right now. It’s all a matter of perspective.


London Eye,

London, you are stunning! Never ever change.


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  • Transwestcan2Espano August 21, 2017 at 08:03

    Lived two weeks in the centre, about 150 metres north of Piccadilly off Regent St, May 1990 after the Trafalgar acc-id-ent tour. Accent was the name of the tour, but we irregulars, visitors from USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand named it the Trafalgar Accident, because the tour guide was always missing. Missing himself several times and missing the destination often. But London was magical, transport all over, but walking was my favoured mode. And you are in K-o-T. Wow. Lovely photographs, especially the falls in Bath reminds me of times gone which I could repeat. Thanks

    • Pinay Flying High August 24, 2017 at 21:05

      A trafalgar tour with missing guide and missing destination? LOL! That must be a hoot! Did you ask for your money back? :p

  • Tanja (the Red phone box travels) June 28, 2017 at 15:40

    great post! and you’re right, it’s all a matter of perspective:)

  • Angela June 26, 2017 at 19:14

    Natouch naman ako sa last paragraph. 🙂 Times flies, 8 months na? Wow! And enjoying everyday. See you soon!

  • Meghan June 25, 2017 at 18:25

    It’s so awesome when dreams come true. it’s also important to look back on how far we’ve come because it makes you appreciate things even more.

  • TrainswestCan2Espano. June 25, 2017 at 15:12

    The colours the English use in the decor of their dwellings never seems to match what we might think appropriate.
    Everything seems technicolour. Thanks for Kingston on Thames. Just what I need – all that green, green doors, expecially.

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