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April 17, 2010

so there was this guy who keeps on adding me on facebook, nevermind the fact that i’ve rejected his friend invite several times – it just keeps on coming. why do i do that you may ask? well first, the people on my facebook are people who i either (1.) personally know or (2.) have a very interesting life that i can’t help but to add them up so i’d be updated of the gossip. :p so this stranger’s requests were being rejected everytime he tries to add me up – or so i thought.

now a message:

hi noemi!
how r u na? san na u now? lalo ka yata gumaganda?

add u naman me po.


hi noemi!
how are you? where are you now? i think you’re getting prettier.

signed: insert name here of a previous hearthrob who i thought i was going to marry when i was in those dark years.

yes dear friends, i’ve loved him with all my heart when i was still fashionably-challenged. and during that time, he usually breaks my heart by just ignoring my presence (well, who would want to give a damn on someone who looks like a malnourished, anorexic geek? complete with an eyeglass, horrible braces on my teeth and a handful of pimples covering nearly 90% of my face). anyway, there is no way to explain the infatuation i’ve felt towards him. i mean, it’s just totally unbelievable and is so close to being considered as a psychopath’s behavior. well, there were no voodoo prayers while looking at his photo or burning a piece of his hair – no, nothing like that. but i’ve loved him (or so i thought) to death. i cried for several years (yes, years) because of this unrequitted love i have offered him. during those times, i kept on daydreaming that he will come to his senses and realize that i am the love of his life and finally ask me to marry him. oh boy! thank God that it never happened during one of those dark-age days as i cannot fathom the idea of me being married to him right now.

first of all, he looks completely different now – not at all attractive as what my eyes have seen during those dark ages. well honestly, i have no idea if he’s been that way all along or maybe it was the lack of better judgment (or better choice) that i just created this fantasy that he looks like brad pitt or something. my eyes did play a good trick on me if that’s the case.

second, the grammar of his message was just unacceptable and if i may say, it just screams lack of education as well – which is a total turn off. and by the way, it’s not even the grammar that i am talking about it’s the “U” in “san na U now” and “add U naman me po”. i mean WTF???? what’s up with the U???? it’s irritating enough to hear/read a wrong english grammar but the usage of this “U” on messages just sounds very idiotic for me.

third, after seeing his profile – i came to know that he’s a douchebag who’s got no work (at 28 years old) and spends his time playing what they call DOTA. now don’t ask me what DOTA is but with what my brain can comprehend, it’s an online game which is supposed to be very famous amongst teenagers not with twenty-freaking-eight-year-olds. i mean, seriously???????

alright, tell me i’m judgmental but puhhhhlease let me be judgmental and thank God for sparing me the life of being a wife of a grown-up with a mind of a child.

after 5 seconds of deliberation, the friend request was rejected one last time and the name has been blocked from my account. thank goodness for the braces, pimples and eyeglasses which made me look like a dork during those days which made him ignore me altogether.

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