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October 28, 2010

i miss those days when all i had to worry about were the following:

1. how to sneak out of our house during my “siesta” time so i can play outside with our neighbors when the sun is at its peak
2. how will i get thru to finishing the plate of vegetables my mother would serve me
3. if i will ever know the difference between right and left
4. if i will ever know how to tell time on an analog clock
5. if i will ever learn cursive writing
6. essay parts on exams
7. going home with a grade lower than 85 (out of 100) in any of my subjects in my report card
8. getting sick on my birthday or any other special occassions.
9. monsters under my bed
10. ghosts floating above my head as i sleep
11. how to explain to my aunt why i was not able to hang the clothes for drying when she told me to do it repeatedly 8 hours ago…
12. stupid quiz bees that my teachers keep forcing me to join (and yet i always lose :p)
13. pimples
14. braces
15. how will i ever explain to my mother the shopping spree that i just did using the supplementary credit card she gave me.

ahhhhhh… life was much simpler then and it gets more complicated as you grow older….

don’t ask me what i worry about nowadays…

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