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December 15, 2008

Just found out that Chubby still reads my blogs. (hello chubby!) I thought he stopped reading it since he went to Al Ain as he claims that he’s always very busy there. (not busy for sure to maintain two accounts in myspace, one account in facebook and one account in friendster – to which he still needs to upload a photo I took of him – and god only knows what other accounts he’s got :p). He’ll be coming tomorrow here in Dubai to have shisha and shop for his Christmas presents for me (chubby, that’s so nice of you – you don’t have to do that, but I’ll take a new bottle of perfume anytime…. :p). This, coming from a guy who claimed to be very poor. Poorer than I am. Poor my ass.Anyway, I suddenly checked what i have been writing on my blog when he told me about it. hehehe. Yeah, that’s me being defensive. :p And upon reading it, I knew that I should not have written all those things. Since I may be sorry in the long run.

In fact, I may be already feeling sorry right now. Oh well…. like I didn’t knew all along what’s bound to happen. (what? where is the optimist in me?)

Gone with the wind………….. :p

L for Loser. 🙂

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