After 3 hours of butt-aching, 2 back issues of YES magazine read and an empty bottle of Viva Mineral Water; we finally escaped the gridlock that is South Super Highway on a Wednesday noon. Noontime traffic, can you believe it? Why on earth didn’t they finish the widening project of South Luzon Expressway during summer when no students are contributing to the already crowded highway? Why on earth do they have to do all this during the rainy season? Didn’t they already know that the highway can clog up with just a soft drizzle, much more if there’s a drizzle and a construction going on. How bout that? Anyway, I came from Makati to run errands and to finally do my exit interview with my Supervisor.

So now, I am officially unemployed. But the unexpected suddenly loomed over. I have just received a call from the agency I applied for a job in Dubai and I’ve been told that I passed the exam and the interview. Just need to go thru the medical examination and I’m good to go, probably the last week of September. I have been wanting to hear this for about 6 months, but I was still deathly afraid and deathly unsure if this is really what I want? To cross seas and continents, to work abroad, to be called a Bagong Bayani, to earn, to be employed in Dubai. It is the trend nowadays, specially with the industry that I’m working in, that is – the travel industry. However, is it really what I want? Leave my family, leave ballet? Mixed emotions – excited, anxious, afraid… But I almost jumped up and yelped when I was told to come to the agency tomorrow for the medical examination requirements, well just by that initial reaction I think I really want this.

I am a risk-taker, everybody knows that by now. A risk-taker in every aspect specially in my career. I will resign from a company which doesn’t give me the chance of growth, I will leave an office if I don’t like my superiors and definitely I will leave a company if they don’t know how to value their employee. Again, I took a risk of leaving AGAIN a company which pays well but will cost me my life. hehehe. And AGAIN, as luck would have it – here comes another offer. But it’s a totally different risk for me, since this will be the first time that I’m going to cross the continents and take that risk. I will have no family to run to, no familiar friends to call on to – just me, my guts and my will. Hey! If our Chief Executive can survive one coup, two impeachment attempts and a hostile Senate I think I can survive a place that is called Dubai. I’ve contacted a lot of the people I know who are now working in Dubai – they’ve had positive and negative comments about it. Yet still – I would like to try. So hopefully, by the end of September I will be one of our nation’s new heroes – Bagong Bayani so they say, in short DUBAIYUKI. :p


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  • susumu October 10, 2007 at 15:18

    medical examination from japann
    郵送 検診

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