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Dubai: Lamesa Restaurant at Asiana Hotel

April 2, 2014
Lamesa Restaurant, Asiana Hotel, Dubai

We were supposed to go to Sonamu, the Korean Restaurant in Asiana Hotel in Deira but as I was checking out all the other restaurants in the hotel’s website – the buffet option in Lamesa caught my attention. Priced for only AED89 per person, you get a Filipino-style buffet. Since I have not eaten anything yet that day (it was a Thursday and I was too busy at work I didn’t have time for lunch), I opted for the buffet instead of the a la carte in Sonamu.

There’s a separate entrance to Lamesa restaurant which is located at the hotel’s side door. It was a Thursday night so I was afraid that they wouldn’t let us in for not having reservation but the friendly receptionist immediately gave us a table right in front of the buffet spread. In Dubai, restaurants would normally put their pork cuisines in a separate/hidden area which is why I was very surprised with Lamesa. The pork cuisines are what you will first see as soon as you enter it – lechon kawali, pork sisig and pochero all lined up in front of you in all their glory. My stomach grumbled as soon as I saw those delicacies. After ordering our drinks, we immediately started our mission of stuffing our plate with all the food that we can fit in it. Lol. As soon as we’ve finished our first round of the buffet table and finally sat down to start digging in, the chef brought out the lechon. My oh my! I wanted to slowly stand up from my seat while giving him a slow clap. It was my very first time to see lechon being served here in Dubai, I can’t even imagine how they were able to bring it in through customs – imagine the taxes they must have paid.

Anyhow, this is probably the lamest blog that I will write as I was so hungry and was so busy eating at the time that I deliberately disregarded the essence of being a blogger – documentation through photos. I don’t have many photos to prove how good their buffet spread was. All I can show you is a photo of what my plate looked like:


The highlight of the buffet for me was the lechon kawali as I didn’t like the lechon that much – it didn’t have the crispy lechon skin that I’m addicted to. Too bad. After our sumptuous dinner, I had halo halo for dessert – another Filipino specialty. I left the restaurant with a few more inches added to my waist but was feeling so happy to discover this new restaurant which I think we’ll be frequenting from hereon. The only downside is, they don’t have an al fresco section. Would’ve been nicer to drink your beer with your lechon kawali in an outdoor setting. :p


Diet? What diet?

Me and my friend Honeypie, we're happy! Very happy! :)

Me and my bestfriend Honeypie, we’re happy! Very happy! 🙂

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