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dubai is invaded by a**holes

June 9, 2008

oh yeah! undeniably invaded by a**holes. as a matter of fact, 95% of men residing in dubai belongs to the majority. in my own statistics calculation it’s 4 out of 5. well, anyway… all the men i’ve met belongs to the majority, with the exception of course of the pilot. haha! well, the pilot has never done anything which can be described as “asshole-ism” towards me, ever. so yeah, probably he’s one of the special species out there who doesn’t belong to the majority, or maybe not???? who was i kidding??? of course he belongs to the majority. just didn’t have the time to prove it. hahaha! well anyway, am speaking for myself, not in behalf of all women… so whoever got violent reactions, feel free to email it to me. all emails will be discarded accordingly. i have a list, oh yes i have! :p

1. semi-wanker : will check the social networking website during the date. yes, it’s DURING… you’ve read it right. how the hell is it possible you may ask, well…. don’t ask. :p will tell you that he had a real good time when you were together, and add to it – too good that he can’t take it anymore. and that’s the reason why he will suddenly go nuclear. (hint! hint! hint! hehehehehehe) the semi-wanker is a blog-reader, haha! i bet my whole life on it. hello semi-wanker!!! regards to your many friends…. :p

2. total wanker : you’ll have an awfully great time, all sweet and sugar coated, life’s fine and dandy for quite sometime. “exclusivo” is the way, well just until he decides to tell you that he just wants to be friends, no more – no less. friends it is! but will never be heard from ever again…

3. inevitable wanker : a 2-faced homo sapien. angelic face with evil evil evil ways with women. will introduce you to his group of friends as something else but will ignore you when you see each other in say…….. his workplace? inevitable wanker, being an ass comes out of him naturally.

those are the top 3. will give an update soon. i wonder how long the list will be?

in line with this, do i ever listen????? do i ever learn my lessons???? do i really have to learn it the hard way???? do i need to add numbers 4, 5, 6 and so on on this list?

i hope not.

save me from all these.

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