Dubai: Boardwalk at Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club

Boardwalk at Dubai Golf Creek and Yacht Club

I booked a dinner for two at Boardwalk last Sunday evening as I’ve been invited to try out the revamped restaurant. We walked thru the entrance of QD’s so we were kind of lost as we entered the elevated area of Boardwalk, it’s a good thing that the alert assistant manager of the restaurant immediately saw us and assisted us to our table. It was an outdoor table on their oversized wooden balcony over Dubai creek with the fantastic Dubai skyline right in front of us. I’d definitely recommend it for date nights. Probably even a “proposal” night as the new set-up of the restaurant is really kind of, well.. romantic.


It was a chilly evening that night, a welcome treat as I’ve noticed the change in the weather for the past couple of days – it’s getting warmer in the sandpit. Summer is almost upon us so I really won’t take for granted the occasional chills in the evenings as it will be gone soon. We did ask for a heater though and they even offered us some pashminas to use. The guy seated on the table next to ours asked the waiter if the wind will ever stop from blowing in this area like it was the waiter’s fault that it was windy, I had to conceal my soundless laugh. Seriously, I do have great respect for the people working in the service industry in this part of the world. You really have to have a great deal of patience with you.

Indoor seating at Boardwalk

Indoor seating at Boardwalk

A menu was handed over to us and to my delight it’s a Mediterranean cuisine focused more on seafood. I’ve said a million times on this blog that I’m a sucker for seafood and the boyfriend being Greek, I somehow acquired the Mediterranean taste as well and have grown fond of their tzatzikis and feta cheese. Boardwalk does have some steaks as well but I can’t possibly pass up a chance of feeding my tummy of lobsters for that night. When the assistant manager came over to our table to take our orders, he insisted that we visit their seafood market up inside their restaurant to see the wide array of the seafood that they have for the day. Apart from their menu, you can also choose what you want from their market and tell them how you want it to be cooked. The boyfriend asked for a sea bass cooked Greek-style while I kept my first option of lobster spaghetti which I saw from their menu.

For starters, the assistant manager (it’s a shame I forgot his name, he took really good care of us) gave us a few suggestions of what to take which all sounds lovely but I told him to bring only small portions of it as I’m afraid we may not have room for the main course. The Italian chef visited us at our table too giving some of his own recommendations, while we were chatting with him – I somehow felt like this is going to be a really special night. Well, I was right – when the starters arrived, it looks like we were having a feast for two. Our table was filled with practically all kinds of their starters. Writing about it now made me hungry. I just might head back down there tonight.

The boyfriend corrected me when I said that the chicken liver was good, he said that it’s fantastic. Probably the tastiest chicken liver that we’ve ever eaten (we love chicken livers, as you may have noticed). That’s one of our favorites from among the dishes served to us along with eggplant caponata and deep friend calamari with its really tasty sauce. The burrata and datterino tomatoes was new to my taste, new but a welcome change. The burrata cheese as explained to us by the chef is made out of mozzarella and cream. It’s a soft cheese with a creamy texture inside. It’s very filling. I can’t imagine it to be a starter as it’ll definitely fill you up immediately. Another dish which was new to my taste was the panzanella, a traditional Italian salad made of stale bread soaked in vinegar and sea water mixed with tomatoes and onions and with the Boardwalk’s fancier version, topped with shrimps. I’m not sure if this was actually soaked in sea water but as per what the chef explained to us, that’s actually the right way to do it. Nevertheless, I loved it! I found it quite weird at first specially after knowing that it was stale bread but it was actually quite good. I’d probably be looking for this dish when I go back to Italy, just to see how the original tastes like.

After all those starters, I must admit that I was already full but then when they brought my lobster spaghetti my appetite came back. Lol. The lobster was very fresh, trust me I’ve eaten a lot of seafood in my life that I’d know what’s fresh or not. The spaghetti was a little too salty for me though but the boyfriend loved it. The boyfriend’s sea bass arrived in an oversized plate topped with some herbs, it was also good but I think the herbs overpowered the taste of the sea bass or maybe my tongue isn’t Mediterranean enough to enjoy it? The boyfriend almost finished it even after all the starters that we’ve already had.

I wasn’t able to finish the spaghetti as it was of huge serving and I know that they’ll give us some deserts afterwards to try – I was right. For dessert they brought chocolate tiramisu and chocolate mushroom. I loved the chocolate mushroom, it’s made of chocolate ice cream topped with merengue and hazelnuts. Yum!

After that feast dinner, I can barely move from my seat. We finished our drinks as we enjoyed the view of the Burj Khalifa right in front of us. It was a great experience – the food, the service and the ambiance. This is definitely going to be visited by us again soon, before summer comes.

Boardwalk Website
Boardwalk Facebook page
Boardwalk’s online menu
Tel No +971 4 295 6000
Email creekdining[at]dubaigolf[dot]com

All photos taken by my crappy iphone 5.


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  • Rhey March 23, 2014 at 11:23

    My dad loves the boardwalk. He use to take us there atleast once a month. Didn’t know they had revamped the place as I stopped going when my dad left Dubai (thought the food was a bit above my budget). But the seafood looks amazing! and i am a sucker for seafood.

    • Pinay Flying High March 23, 2014 at 21:14

      I actually like the new Boardwalk, they used to serve pub food but upgraded it to Mediterranean cuisine which really fits its location – overlooking the Creek. I’m a sucker for seafood too, :p

  • Carla March 22, 2014 at 13:38

    I have not been to boardwalk but would love to try.

  • Mitzie Mee March 15, 2014 at 21:30

    The food looks delicious! I really want to visit Boardwalk soon again:)

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