Dubai: Beachcombers in Jumeirah Beach Hotel


Armed with my Entertainer App voucher, we went to Beachcombers in Jumeira Beach Hotel a few Fridays ago for their famed Friday brunch. We were welcomed by a friendly receptionist and were immediately seated at one of their outdoor tables with the view of the majestic Burj Al Arab right in front of us. The restaurant itself is beachfront so the ambiance is very relaxed and very weekend-y. Although the location screams “fancy”, the brunch and the restaurant itself focuses more on a fun, informal vibe which works well for me. Due to this, there were lots of families dining with small children as well as huge groups of friends who were all after a nice weekend meal.

We took the alcoholic package option from their brunch, priced at AED399 per person which instantly became the total bill for two due to my Entertainer voucher. Yay! We ordered our drinks first – the boyfriend ordered a draught beer while to my delight, I ordered Somersby which is my favorite cider. I don’t know any other place which serves Somersby along with their all-you-can-drink deals.


After our first round of drinks, we headed off to the buffet spread. The cuisine is focused on an informal Asian fare, just the way I like it. I filled my first plate with shrimp crackers, a very Asian appetizer which I have missed tremendously. Lol. I also didn’t pass up the chance to fill my tummy with dimsums, another favorite of mine.


For the second serving, I had to stop myself from doing the happy dance when I saw the wide spread of seafood that they have. I am a sucker for seafood so I immediately filled two plates with all those yummies.

When I realized that they actually have a grill station, I was almost full but I still ventured on to that area and got myself some satays and some other things. Yes, I do eat a lot.


My tummy’s about to burst but I can’t pass up the chance of finally having a taste of Malaysian Kacang. We have the same in the Philippines called halo-halo (mix-mix if you are to translate literally into English). It’s no different from kacang which is a mix of shaved ice, red beans, sweet corn, jellies, nata de coco and then topped with chocolate syrup and milk. Best eaten during summer in the tropical islands of Asia, you can imagine why. It’s a very refreshing treat for us Asians.


We left the restaurant in an upbeat mood. The food and the service was great, we’ll definitely go back for more.


Beachcombers is in Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Serving from 07:30:30 to 23:30 daily
Telephone: +971 4 406 8999
Email: JBHboxoffice[at]jumeirah[dot]com


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  • Roy June 28, 2018 at 13:04

    Great post out there you have published. If anyone is planning to visit to visit they should also check the hotel in emirates hills area.they have some of the best.

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