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August 5, 2012

The documentary is about a girl who died in her living room and was only found 3 years later. Isn’t that the most horrifying thing to happen to someone? You’ve been dead for 3 years and nobody even cared to ask about you. Not even a family member even bothered. She was found only when her apartment was being repossessed because of the unpaid bills. She was found in front of her TV which was still on and she was surrounded by Christmas presents which she must’ve been wrapping before she died. Her body was very much decomposed and the only thing they could do to identify her was thru her dental records. Noone knows if she died of natural causes or a foul play was involved, maybe noone will ever know. According to her friends, Joyce Vincent was a sociable and likeable person. Most of them even described her as a woman who attracts men like a magnet. But at some point in her life she suddenly vanished, although still alive at that time, just didn’t make any contacts with her friends anymore which may probably one reason why her death became unnoticed.

Made me realize about the life I’m living as I have a tendency to just cut off people and not hear about them (or be heard from) for a very long time. But nah, I update my facebook account too much that my friends would probably figure out something’s wrong if I don’t log in to that website for about a month. Kidding aside though, the movie will definitely make you wonder: Will someone look for me if I’ve gone missing? I certainly hope someone will in my case.

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