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Taste of Hakkasan, Hakkasan Doha -

I love the fact that most of the restaurants in Doha these days are coming up with promotions offering great deal and value for their diners. In a city where water is more expensive than petrol (is it still the case?), we certainly need these promotions.

Hakkasan Doha launched their Saturday dining deal called Taste of Hakkasan which gives you a taste of selected dishes from their regular menu for an incredible price. Of course you will have the option to have it with or without alcohol, depending on your mood or preference.

Taste of Hakkasan, Hakkasan Doha -

Taste of Hakkasan is a 4-course meal which includes soup, small eats, mains and desserts. A word of advice, don’t let the “small eats” fool you as the portions are definitely designed for sharing. The Greek Mister and I were almost full after we’ve had some of the appetizers served.

Taste of Hakkasan, Hakkasan Doha -

Crab and sweetcorn supreme soup was thick, creamy and tasty. It was served with a side of roasted duck puff pastry which comes complimentary with the soup. The side dish changes every week so it’ll be a different everytime you try out Taste of Hakkasan. I wasn’t really a big fan of the roasted duck puff pastry simply because I prefer to eat duck meat with a peking duck pancakes and as a spring roll which luckily, is included in this menu.

Taste of Hakkasan, Hakkasan Doha -

From among all the small eats that was served, the salt and pepper squid stood out. The squid was lightly battered seasoned with salt and pepper and fried to perfection giving it that satisfying crunch for each bite. It was absolutely wonderful.

Of course I also binged on the crispy duck roll which is my favorite dish in Hakkasan.

Taste of Hakkasan, Hakkasan Doha -

We were full by the time we finished the appetizers but our friendly server recommended for us to try their new dishes featured in Taste of Hakkasan which aren’t available in their regular menu. However, the wok-fry prawns in spicy Assam sauce was too spicy for me. The spicy curry flavor in the dish I think was too strong which overpowered all the flavors in this dish.

I have to say though that I’m generally not a big fan of curry flavor specially if it’s spicy so maybe it’s how it’s supposed to taste like and my taste buds just doesn’t agree with it. Nevertheless, proceed with caution with this dish specially if you’re not into spicy food.

Taste of Hakkasan, Hakkasan Doha -

The Mongolian style stir-fry rib eye beef on the other hand was amazing! My Filipino taste buds went crazy over the Mongolian style flavors of a very tender stir-fry beef – savory, slightly sweet with melt-in-your-mouth beef slices. I’m salivating now as I’m reminded of how good it tasted.

Taste of Hakkasan, Hakkasan Doha -

After the feast of flavorful dishes, it was time to wrap up our meal with selection of icecream and sorbet. We had a scoop of different flavors and as you may know, I’m not really into sweets but their coconut and lime sorbet was yummy as well as their new coffee-flavored icecream with anise. I had the icecream and sorbet with a jasmine green tea – I know, I’m weird.

Taste of Hakkasan, Hakkasan Doha -

Clearly, Taste of Hakkasan is bound to be one of the best dining deals Doha has ever had. For the price of QR168 per person, it makes this trendy restaurant affordable to many without sacrificing the quality of service and food. If you’re not making your reservations yet then something’s very wrong with you. 🙂

I was a guest of Hakkasan Doha to try Taste of Hakkasan however as always, photos are my own and opinions stated are genuine and in no way influenced.

Taste of Hakkasan
Hakkasan Doha
Saturdays, from 1pm to 4pm
QR 168 per person inclusive of unlimited water, soft drinks and Chinese tea .
QR 278 per person inclusive of unlimited water, soft drinks, Chinese tea and half bottle of sparkling, red or white wine.
Tel No. +974 444 60170
Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Website.

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Taste of Hakkasan, Hakkasan Doha -


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  • Pinay Flying High August 4, 2016 at 23:41

    I remember our conversation about Hakkasan. :p

  • Follow Your Sunshine August 4, 2016 at 14:32

    Need to get a babysitter and try this soon! Love Hakkasan and that price tag is ridiculous!!

    Polly xx

    • Pinay Flying High August 4, 2016 at 23:21

      Oh you must Polly! Bring Sophia with you, it seems like she’s getting used to going out anyway. :p

  • Jishma August 4, 2016 at 08:18

    I am drooling over the crispy duck roll…. Looks so good

  • Nicky August 3, 2016 at 16:02

    That looks amazing! Especially that dessert!!

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