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Doha, Qatar | Chocolate Overload at Dip N Dip, The Pearl Qatar

August 13, 2015
Dip N Dip, The Pearl Qatar

Do you loooooOOOOOOVVVEEEE desserts? Specifically Belgian chocolate? If you do, then you’ll definitely loooooOOOOOOVVVEEEE the newly opened dessert shop at The Pearl Qatar called Dip N Dip. I was invited to try it out yesterday and for those who are following this blog, you’d know that I’m not really into sweets but having this line on their email invitation made me curious: we can guarantee that no two customers savor our chocolate the same way – so I dragged my friend D there last night and took up the challenge.

Dip N Dip, The Pearl Qatar

Dip N Dip is on the left side of this street.

As I walked in Dip N Dip’s outlet at The Pearl Qatar, I was extremely surprised with the number of diners already there. It was barely 5 in the afternoon and yet, it was already very busy and packed. For a shop which only offers desserts and some drinks on their menu, it’s extraordinarily busy. There were only about 5 tables available when we arrived and by the time we sat down and ordered our dishes, there was a line of people waiting by the door to be seated. It’s really impressive – considering that it has only opened for just 3 months. I also wasn’t expecting a proper restaurant-style for a dessert shop, I thought it would only be a kiosk with a handful of tables. It was a proper restaurant though with a good amount of staff trying to accommodate each requests of their customers. I’d say there were roughly about 50 diners when we were there to keep Dip N Dip’s staff on their toes.

As we browsed through their menu, it was quite hard for me to decide which one I’d order as I’m not really a dessert enthusiast. Good thing Ahmed, the person in charge at Dip N Dip came to our rescue and recommended a few of their popular dishes to try. We trusted his recommendations and left our fate in his hands. As they were preparing the dishes, a waiter brought our drinks – water, cafe latte (for me) and two green teas to burn the calories that we’re about to intake right away. Like that would help but that was a good touch. :p

Dip N Dip, The Pearl Qatar

Banana Wrap

After a few minutes, the dishes were finally brought to our table in all its chocolatey glory. We had Banana wrap which is a full banana wrapped in crepe with chocolate syrup, a Chocolate Brownie Crepe which is a chocolate brownie inside a crepe topped with of course a chocolate syrup and finally Dip n Dip Waffle which is waffle with mixed fruits. The last dish came plain, a huge difference from the first two dishes which are both oozing with the rich chocolate syrup. But then after setting down the dishes, the waiter grabbed a glass full of chocolate syrup and drizzled it all over the waffle and mixed fruits. It is indeed a chocolate syrup overload on our table which if I’d be really honest – I thought was an overkill. It changed my perception though once I got a taste of it as I realized that the chocolate wasn’t as sweet as I have expected it to be.

Dip N Dip, The Pearl Qatar

Chocolate Brownie Crepe

For someone who isn’t very much into desserts, I have to admit that I fell in love with the banana wrap and that it would be my choice when I visit Dip N Dip next time. The crepe and the banana somehow made a contrasting taste to the rich chocolate syrup drizzled all over it. I also love the mixed fruits specially the kiwi and strawberry with the chocolate syrup. Again, it was because of the contrasting taste of it against the chocolate. I wasn’t a big fan of the chocolate brownie crepe though, the crepe was overpowered by the chocolate brownie and syrup that it was too sweet for my taste.

Dip N Dip, The Pearl Qatar

Chocolate Overload!!

Did it live up to its guarantee that no two customers will savor their chocolate the same way? As a matter of fact, yes – while I enjoyed the banana wrap, D was busy eating the chocolate brownie crepe and some of the waffle. There was one thing that we both agreed on though – that the chocolate syrup may have looked like an overkill but it was actually not as sweet as you suspect it to be. If you’re a chocolate enthusiast, I’d highly recommend a visit to Dip N Dip.

Dip N Dip
Bldg 4 Medina Centrale, The Pearl Qatar
Tel +974 44444042
Website Facebook page

I was a guest at Dip N Dip when I visited the outlet however as always, all opinions stated are my own.

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