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Doha | Organic Manicure at Noon Beauty Centre

January 14, 2016
Noon Beauty Centre, Doha, Qatar

I was too sleepy and struggled to get dressed after my Moroccan bath, my whole body was very relaxed and somehow forgot how to function – more specifically my legs which were wobbling as I tried to walk. I couldn’t go home yet as I had two more treatments to try that afternoon at Noon Beauty Centre – the organic manicure and pedicure. Seeing my sleepy eyes, one of the staff asked if I wanted some coffee which of course was organic too since Noon Beauty Centre prides itself as the first and only organic salon in Doha – they do take it quite seriously. The coffee was marvelous, you should definitely have one when you visit Noon.

Noon Beauty Centre, Doha, Qatar

I was led to one of the massage chairs and was asked to soak my feet in warm water. They gave me 3 tin cans each with different smell to choose from which they’ll put in the water to give it a natural fragrance. As soon as the spa started, I was once again brought to a complete bliss specially when Huda started massaging my feet with a copper bowl. I’ve no idea what it is or what it does but I sure can’t complain as it was extremely relaxing.

The nail polish they’ve used is also organic of course, there was not much choices of colors though but it has covered the basics that’s for sure. I have to be honest though that 2 days after my manicure – the ends of my nails started getting worn out. I’m not sure if it’s due to the quality of the nail polish or if it’s my own carelessness.

Noon Beauty Centre, Doha, Qatar

The benefit of using organic materials is endless, it is because of this reason why it’s a lot more expensive than the normal products that we use on a daily basis. Personally though, I may have to skip using organic nail polish on my hands for now as I haven’t mastered the art of taking care of polished nails. 🙂

For more information about Noon Beauty Centre, you can visit my previous post here and also have a look at my fabulous Moroccan bath experience with them here.

Noon Beauty Centre
68 Al Tarafa, Duhail South (Opp College of North Atlantic)
Tel No 4492 2330
Noon Beauty Centre, Doha, Qatar

I was invited to try the organic manicure and pedicure at Noon Beauty Centre however as always, all photos are my own and opinion stated are genuine and in no way influenced.


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