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Hey guys! I have done something I’ve never thought I’ll have the courage to do, no it’s not bungee jumping. Something less suicidal than that. I agreed to be interviewed by one of the most popular podcasters here in Doha, Doha Heat. It’s probably nothing for all the normal people but as you may know, I’m a bit abnormal and I hate speaking in front of a lot of people much more being heard by thousands through a podcast. I don’t know what made me say yes, it’s probably the heat that we’re experiencing these days in Doha.

Anyway, the interview went live yesterday and you can check it out here – Doha Heat Interview with Pinay Flying High. I hate my voice, I sound horrible. I thought I’d cringe while listening to it but I think it actually went ok, not as great as how I wanted it to be.. just ok. Lol. It’s funny because when I got out of Doha Heat’s studio after the interview, I thought of better answers to the questions he asked me and I was mentally kicking myself for not thinking about it during the interview. That’s why I like writing better, you get to edit/delete things as you write whereas when you’re talking – what’s said is already done and there’s no taking it back. Hah!

Huge thanks goes out Andrew Clarke, the host of the show for making me feel a little less nervous and for being able to control the whole interview. At times, you’d hear me blabbing about nonsense but Andrew’s able to get me back on track which I think is what makes him a great podcaster. :p When I went to their studio, I was actually thinking why they chose to interview someone like me? My life’s boring and I’ve got nothing spectacular to share but then as I listened to the interview, he actually was able to bring out some interesting things in my life that I didn’t even thought of before.

Believe it or not, I do think that the interview went well but it’s all because of Andrew and his professionalism for being able to make any topic become interesting like me!

Do follow his podcast station and get to know more of this tiny little city called Doha and meet expats like myself who now call this place home.

Doha Heat Podcast
Listen here if you’re an Apple iOS user.
Listen here if you’re an Android user.


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  • Lou-Ann Sabino April 30, 2015 at 09:26

    I was listening to this last night. You did not sound nervous at all.
    I really liked your whole backpacking experience. I wish I had and aunt like yours, and done all that travelling when I was a kid. The Philippines does have a lot of exciting places to visit.

    • Pinay Flying High May 3, 2015 at 18:15

      Hah! Thank you Lou, I was having cold sweats the whole time of the interview. Lol.

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