Doha | Asia Live! at Doha Marriott Hotel

Asia Live! at Doha Marriott Hotel

The first time I went to Asia Live! at Doha Marriott Hotel was 6 months ago when The Greek Mister’s cousin was visiting us in Doha. At that time, I wasn’t very satisfied with what I ordered bulgogi, but I’ve always wanted to give the restaurant a second chance and try out some other dishes.

I was able to do just that last Saturday, I went with my friend D – being Filipinos, both of us were looking forward to touching base with our roots taste palate. We walked in a very empty restaurant but I guess it was only because we were there as soon as it opened for business that evening. I do like it when the restaurant is empty though, that way I can take photos without disturbing anyone. :p

Asia Live! at Doha Marriott Hotel

Deliberately avoiding bulgogi due to the not-so-good experience the first time, I had Mongolian beef while my friend D had sizzling seafood. Mongolian beef normally is sliced beef stir-fried with vegetables and sauce – now the sauce is what makes a Mongolian beef stand out from the other beef dishes – it’s supposed to be savory and a bit sweet. Serving it on a sizzling plate is just to increase its wow factor or presentation but the taste should be more or less the same.

Asia Live! at Doha Marriott Hotel

It is heartbreaking for me to say that once again, I was disappointed by a dish served at Asia Live! The Mongolian beef wasn’t how I have expected it to be, to be honest – it doesn’t taste like how it’s normally supposed to be. It’s missing the sweetness of hoisin sauce which is a key ingredient to it. If my taste palate serves me right, I think they’ve just put soy sauce in it and missed the hoisin sauce altogether.

Asia Live! at Doha Marriott Hotel

Now, maybe it’s just me though. Maybe Asia Live! has their own version of each dishes that they serve which I was not aware of. However, that just doesn’t suit me at all – I think I’d rather go for traditional and normal taste of food than it being served with a twist which makes it taste really different. I do take my Asian food seriously, being Asian and all. :p

Asia Live! at Doha Marriott Hotel

My friend D enjoyed her sizzling seafood though, I was too disappointed with my Mongolian beef to share her joys with the sizzling seafood. :p

Have you dined at Asia Live? I still want to give it a try as I’m really desperate to like it. If you’ve tried it before and have had a great dish that you can recommend I’d love to try it myself.

Asia Live
Doha Marriott Hotel
Tel No. 44298499
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  • trainwestcan2espano September 17, 2015 at 14:35

    where’s mine. looking fabulous. surprising the style of meal for me

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