Doctor Quack Quack.

Some people are just obnoxious. Seriously. Earlier, I dealt with a passenger who was becoming upset for just about anything. These are the kinds of people who even if you book them in a Presidential suite with Mickey Mouse opening the doors for him, will still find a way to be grumpy and look for something wrong. You know the kind? No? Well I guess you’re not working in the customer service field in Dubai then.

Anyhow, in the midst of our conversation he insisted that I call him DOCTOR. Yes, DOCTOR. So because I’m a smart ass myself, I searched his name on google (his email address mentions where he works so it made it easier for me) and then found out that he’s not even a medical doctor but someone who graduated with a doctorate degree. In my line of work, that salutation right there is not to be played around. You cannot use it as an ego booster because it might just work against you while you’re in a flight and someone is having a heart attack and the cabin crew approaches you for help. Then you’ll be all like sitting there dumbly because you’re not a medical doctor. So what is the point of putting that salutation before your name if you can’t even save a choking passenger?

Yes, you may have worked real hard to get that title. Years of studying doing your research, I can only imagine what that did to your ego when you finally earned those two letters before your name. However, please do not confuse education with intelligence. Your years of education will mean nothing if you can’t even understand the fact that your education is pointless if your ego is bigger than your brain. I don’t really care if you’re a doctor or not. If you are a medical doctor, then good for you! I just might go to your office for consultation. If you are a holder of a doctorate degree, then that’s fantastic! I will never get the point of attending school for a long time though but hey, to each his own right? But to force everyone to call you doctor because it makes you feel better? That’s just downright pathetic. Does it make you more superior to those who doesn’t have that title? Well he may have earned those two letters but he did not earn my respect. And just so you know, we – the people working in the travel industry, does not say to ourselves: “OH MY! MY PASSENGER IS A DOCTOR, I SHOULD GIVE HIM/HER A SPECIAL TREATMENT!” because seriously now, why would we even say that?



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