Do you remember Friendster?

I was up until about 2 in the morning last night for no real reason except that I’m bored to do anything, even to sleep. So I was browsing from one travel blog to the next and have been searching for good movies or TV series to download (I am now downloading a series of travel-related shows like Anthony Bourdain:No reservations, Julian and Camilla’s World Odyssey and Culture Shock). When I could no longer find something to download, I resorted to opening up all those social networking sites that I created before and deleting all that’s left there – photos, blogs, personal details etc. etc.

So I came across the very first social networking site that I was addicted to – Friendster.

Well, the website has changed and I don’t really remember how it looked like before but I’m very sure that the log in page of this website wasn’t how it used to be when I have been logging on there every single day when I was still in the Philippines. I was shocked that some people still do use that site. There were still updates on my wall and there were messages from men dressed in nothing but their underwear all based in Dubai (freaky, I tell yah. Their looks, not the fact that I received a message from them). Anyway, as I was looking for the delete account option, I came across a blog that I have maintained there which was written when I was still I don’t know, 17? Which fortunately was just 3 years ago. Really!

So I read the private blogs and relieved the glorious teenage years, when all I cared about were the following:

1. how to explain to my mother the credit card charges I did when I went for a shopping spree that weekend
2. keeping my grades up
3. dealing with acne (I had a lot of those when I was in college, horrifying face I have then)
4. watching my weight as I was still a ballet dancer then
5. having to memorize the Philippine Bill of Rights
6. memorizing all the travel-industry related stuff like country codes, city codes, capital cities of each countries etc. etc.
7. learning niponggo – which was the hardest Foreign Language course I took in college (also studied Spanish and French)
8. and of course – boys.

While reading those things, myself now wanted to scream at myself then: “WTF were you thinking???” Well as a teenager, my parents didn’t really have to deal with a lot of problems with me. I was not into drugs, not into after-school wild parties (ok, maybe on a weekend only) so in short, I was a geek.

I had so much fun reading the blog so I went to my Inbox to spy on the correspondence I’ve had with people back then. I found a message from a girl asking me:

ikaw ba si noemi? Noemi Sangalang? na kabit ng papa ko????
(translate: are you Noemi? Noemi Sangalang? the mistress of my husband???)

To which I just replied: “sorry, wrong noemi”. It would have been fun if I said yes. 🙂

I also found a trail of messages between me and one guy – the guy was obviously flirting with me and all my replies were so stupid that I think the guy finally gave up in the end as I just couldn’t get his “innuendos”. That was hilarious.

After reading all the messages, I went to the comment box of my profile. You see in friendster, the wall is flanked by testimonials of people about you which I found really nice. All your friends write on your wall and they tell you what they think about you and in return, you also have to write something nice on their walls. Judging by the testimonials, people most of the time described me as a poised, elegant and graceful lady. I have no idea how they came up with that but I’m sure as hell that I’m not any one of those. And then they go on afterwards that after being with me and getting to know the real me, they realized that they’re wrong as I’m just as crazy as anyone can be:

Crislyn Nov 02 2003, 10:16 PM
she’s one-of-a-kind person, someone who would suddenly retort into something wacky, impossible and unexpected. and i
sometimes find her ideas funny, then somehow creative. iba ang takbo ng isip ni noemi, eh! Tho she’s one of the youngest in the class, she acts more than her age. aside from that, she’s a good friend. naalala ko dati nung nagkukwento na naman ako tungkol kay BRuno. Siguro naawa na siya sa sitwasyon ko, kulang na lang yata i-suggest niyang ipukpok ko ang ulo ko sa pader para magising ako sa kahibangan ko. hAaay! ibang klase siyang adviser.

Karren Nov 03 2003, 07:36 AM

She thinks older than her age. Pinakababy sa T3. She sneezes like a kitten! (hehe…ang cute!). I remember her being my cheatmate, i mean my seatmate sa humanity class, sobrang kwela at sobrang gaan kasama. She loves vocabularies…I think, to the point that she sleeps with her thesaurus! hehehe..joke lang noems! For real, she would often ignite loud
gigglings when she starts with her fearless spontaneous x-rated interrogation… She moves with grace…a real ballerina she is! 😉

q u e e n -Dec 26 2003, 07:20 AM
if u think na nauto kyo ng babaing ito, you’re not alone! isa din ako sa mga nauto nya! i really thought na si noemi ay isang dalagang filipina. but when i got to know her better, nyeeh! loka girl pala cya! this girl is fun to be with. madali cya maging friend. multitalented woman yata yan si noemi!

Niña Nov 28 2003, 10:22 PM
Hmmmm noemi… ballerina pero wolfgang fan. sobrang tawanan lang kami sa dorm nyan.. syempre heart stories… memorable line yata yung sinabi nya sa isang suitor nya dati…”Mukha kang tanga!” hehe… basta kalokohan- noemi is the name. noemi’s definitely one of my trusted friends.. miss na kita noyms! mwah! luv yah!

diovi Nov 14 2003, 06:16 AM
noems seems to be quiet, aloof and snobbish but don’t let her looks fool you, for inside she’s entirely a different person. saya din nyan ka-chat… she never runs out of stories to tell… basta lahat kinekwento niya…as in lahat! she’s simply funny and very vocal about her thoughts whatever it may be but when it comes to serious matters, she can easily change moods…she’s also the type of person who stands for what she believes in…

gaiL Apr 06 2004, 09:07 AM

everybody knows that this girl is a prima ballerina… graceful …poised and refined or so I thought at first! naloko nya ko!
this pretty face girl was so quiet when I first saw her. I seldom hear her talk… pero nun makasama ko sa gate, grabe pala to…baliw din pala!!! magkasundo kami pagdating sa boys… kilala nya mga crush ko at maskinikilig pa cia saken. parehas din kami mahilig magbasa and moviebuff. daming mapupulot na trivia pag kausap si noems. miss ko na nga tsismisan and
kilig moments naten sa gate. looking forward na ma assign ulet ako sa gate….kwentuhan tyo!!!

Sheree Mar 21 2004, 08:39 PM
noemi! the graceful ballerina…the studious one in the dorm…ms. chatter…noemi is super friendly and kalog! She’s also smart and funny! I miss getting scolded by the nuns coz we were too noisy! haha now that was fun ^_~ I miss talking to her esp about our fave topic: BOYS! haha Pero buti talaga avid chatter pa rin cya and i can still talk to her sa ym! take care! luv u! mwahz

l a r a y Feb 15 2004, 00:44 AM

Boycrazy!!! ahem.. baka may magalit.. nuon yun! hahaha!! noemi, miss ko na itong babaeng itoh! dati hindi ko mapronounce name niya, bulol ako eh, can’t say those pinoy words.. hahaha!! NAYOMI… yun, eh hindi pala.. NOYMI
lang pala..hahah!! same goes with this gurl’s personality, at first glance she would be mistaken as a snob and mataray kasi ba naman ang poise and ballerina chin, asa ere palagi.. pero no, when you get to hang out, as in dorm room, hang out namin dun dati, hehe.. kabaliwan ang alam, jologs din pala, sobrang makwento kaya kahit pagod nako sa activities sa school, ayun, nawawala kasi chika to the max, tawanan and basta baliw. i miss you girl, musta na? 3 yrs din tayong nagkasama sa maliit ngunit malapalasyong dorm, huh? thank you so much sa lahat, i’ll always cherish those memries that we had, naiiyak ako lage pag naaalala ko..waaaaahhh…basta olwez smile and dance the night away! haha!! mwah!!!

Oyen Sep 06 2004, 08:48 AM
I first met this girl when she was practicing for her dance interpretation for our convention. Syempre solo flight lang ang munting ballerina ng UST!:) That time, pa demure effect pa sya…tahimik, naka smile palagi, very friendly. Months have passed, nagkita ulit kame…this time sa work naman. Macro din pala siya, dito kame naging close! Isa pala siyang bruha!:D Anyway, mgkasundo kmi sa mga kagaguhan at biruan. (Nammiss ko na chikahan natn sa boarding gate!) 🙂 Napansin ko, sakitin pla ‘tong bruhang ‘to. konting ulan lang e nilalagnat at cinisipon na… at dahil dun, aba…nabalitaan k nlng nagresign na sya. nang iwan bgla ang bruha…nawalan ako ng kaibigan! Pak S@#T ka tlaga!:) miss na kita Sh@# ka! Promise! But seriously, this girl is really good inside and out! Tama na baka lumaki ulo!Joke!:) Miss you bru! mwah! Ingatz ok?!Goodluck sa work m ngayn! mwah mwah!:)

andrea May 18 2004, 11:01 PM
hmmmm…..give way to the queen of charm….such a simple,pretty and poised ballerina….wel,balletm8s kami before….mabait,cool at sincere to all the things she does….minsan nga tinuruan nia qng mag make-up….she taught me the significance of putting an eye liner….expert talaga at a young age!!!kwela kasama lalo na pag nasa CCP kami 4 our
recitals….nakikiride sa mga kakulitan ko….tumatawa miski corny…kaya nga nung nag-stop me sa ballet,i definitely missed her….lalo na ung majestic height nia na pang miss universe….naks!!!over na 2…basta!sana makapagbonding ulit tau just like before….pic2rials,warm-ups and others…cge na…gud luck na lang 2 ol ur endeavors…..take care…

A N N R A Y May 04 2004, 06:47 AM
there’s only one word that describes noemi…POISE!sabi ko na nga ba dapat nag ballet din ako nung bata ako…para naman naambunan ako kahit konting poise…. carina + hubby =INSEPERABLE….sus…subukan nyo lang na magpacute sa hubby ni noemi…e malamang kesa hindi eh i-meet ka nya sa isang fastfood chain para i- confront ka…o di ba ang taray!!! kung sa bagay… she adores the color purple…she denies it pero ang casing ng fone purple..ang eyeshadow purple! hmmm ingat! remember..yung kwento mo about the girls who likes purple!

A N N R A Y Mar 15 2006, 10:18 AM

i just remembered..ang laki ng contribution ni noemi nung sportsfest namen……..isa syang dakilang cheerdancer!!!!isang split naman jan!!!! at ang loka loka…nagsplit nga!!!!! peace!

Mai Mai Jul 21 2007, 11:12 PM
Mi! You are an extraordinary girl! I admire your perseverance and nobility! You are proof that it is possible to make a difference in this world!

Then when I went to Dubai, the comments I’ve received were of different ideas about me.

Simon Apr 15 2008, 04:14 PM
ayan na… hehehe I’m full of stretch marks! LOLZ LANDI NG PICTS MO!!!

Mai MaiApr 12 2008, 11:41 PM
nay!!! very daring ka na ngayon ah!!!! sexy sexy pa rin!! heheheh kumusta na????

dioviApr 16 2008, 01:03 PM

l a r a y Dec 18 2008, 04:22 AM
sexy, ganda!!!!!!!!!! ;P

NiñaDec 20 2008, 03:57 AM
Noems!!! thanks sa bday greetings! syet ang sexy mo! Happy Holidays! Amishu!!!!

DayanaFeb 12 2009, 03:39 AM

hi noemi! how are you? you look hot and gorgeous to all your pictures.. hehe.. anyway take care always.. God bless..

Apparently and maybe ironically, I became “daring” when I went to Dubai. Haha!

Maybe if I’m going to resuscitate my Friendster profile back and all my friends would do the same, the comments that I will receive will be in the lines of: How in the world did you manage to look like a whale now?

I had a good laugh looking thru all the messages and comments on that site that I just couldn’t let myself delete my account there. It’ll probably serve as the proof for myself that once, in my life, some people thought that I was “poised”. 🙂

I leave you now with the best message I’ve ever received from someone on facebook. It was a message sent to me by a friend of a friend who I never really had the time to spend time with and we just belong to each others’ friends list on Friendster. I remember feeling really grateful and so touched after reading her message.

Hi Noems,

You might probably still have an image of me eating so fast at sonya’s garden….and that you needed to call Beck just to make sure you were seeing it with your own eyes. Well, that’s okay…hehehehe! For the past year, after finally leaving Immmigration behind me… one of the things I look forward to in my day is checking my friendster account. Did I ever tell you that your pictures are one of the things I look forward to? I see this very beautiful and articulate lady whose beauty radiates from within. I especially like looking at your pictures. You have a certain look that allows me to smile too. You are very charming and secretly,I envy your posture.hehehe! Especially with 6 weeks left and clock ticking before my due date comes, I have this really bad posture. Could you blame me? I’m carrying atleast 25 pounds more right now. Just letting you know that your pictures brighten up my day, and I enjoy reading your blogs. With your talent, charm and intellegence, you are destined to rise above anyone else…. and I know you can make it.

For now, You are my happy lady.



How about you? Have you visited your Friendster account lately?


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