Alonissos, The Underrated Greek Island.

Our second stop for this 3-week Greek holiday is Alonissos, an island in the Sporades region of Greece. Unlike all the other islands nearby it, Alonissos remains to be the lesser known island which came to me as a surprise since I found it extremely charming and beautiful! It must be good for us then having not to deal with a crowd of tourists everywhere we go also, we get to experience the authentic Greek island living and not the tourist-oriented adjustments some Greek islands have embraced.

Coming from Pelion, we drove towards Volos to meet the rest of the family at the port. For this leg of our trip, we will be spending a full week with my Greek in-laws. We took Hellenic Seaways which departed at 0745hrs and arrived Alonissos at 1300hrs with a few stops in between. As we arrived in Alonissos, we were met by the owner of the villa that we’re going to stay at for the whole duration of this trip and immediately proceeded to our home for the next 7 days.

Where We Stayed in Alonissos:

Villa Flora in Alonissos, Greece

We rented a villa called Villa Flora from AirBNB, we figured that since we will be a total of 10 people traveling together – renting a villa for our own private use for the whole duration of this trip would be the best (and cheapest) option for us.  

The photos of the villa on Airbnb were all pretty and somehow looks too good to be true so I was extremely happy when we arrived at the villa and it looked exactly as how it did on the website – maybe even better. It’s a 3-floor villa with 6 bedrooms. All levels are standalone with well-equipped kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. The villa was well-designed and very well-kept. It is surrounded by a garden with a parking space which can fit upto 3 cars. It has a barbecue grill area at the top floor and by the garden which we used twice for our dinner. 

The location is absolutely perfect, very near to old Chora and the town itself. I highly recommend a stay in Villa Flora specially if you’re a big group traveling together.

Where We Ate in Alonissos:

During our stay in Alonissos, we had most of our meals in our villa. It would be a shame if we didn’t use any of the 3 well-equipped kitchens and 2 grills in the villa not to mention we have 2 Greek mothers in our group who are both well-versed when it comes to Greek cooking. So we had most of our meals in the villa since it’s cheaper (a meal for 10 costs only EUR40 if you buy your own ingredients and do your own cooking) and we kind of prefer it that way.

Steni Vala, Alonissos, Greece

We did try one of the most talked about restaurant in the whole of Alonissos though called Tassia’s Cooking in the very charming fishing village called Steni Vala. While we were there though, our uncle had some sort of a heat stroke and some of us had to rush him to a nearby hospital so we didn’t really enjoy much of Tassia’s cooking as we only had a few drinks and some seafood appetizers. So we weren’t able to try the famous lobster spaghetti everyone who visited that restaurant is talking about. Oh well, maybe next time.

Things To Do in Alonissos:

Of course, being a Greek island – Alonissos boasts of numerous pristine beaches. As we were traveling with a 7-yr old kid, it was easier for us to decide which beach we’ll be going to – it has to be kid-friendly and luckily for us, Alonissos has a lot of choices as such for us.

Agios Dimitrios Beach

Agios Dimitrios Beach in Alonissos, Greece

This horseshoe-shaped beach was the first we’ve visited. The beach is pebbled with clear and very calm waters. Calm sea is an important factor for us since we’re traveling with a child (and myself as I’m not a very good swimmer). We stayed at the farthest end of the beach to have a semi-private cove for us and also so that we’ll have an easier access to a taverna.

Chrisi Milia Beach

Chrisi Milia Beach in Alonissos, Greece

Chrisi Milia which literally translates to Golden Apple should not be confused with Milia beach, they didn’t add the word Chrisi for nothing. We got lost on our way to Chrissi Milia beach and found ourselves in Milia beach instead, the latter was a bit crowded with big waves. So we headed back on the road to find our original destination. As we arrived, we were confronted by a sandy and very calm beach in golden color and an outstanding scenery. The sea was also very shallow when we went that you can walk far away from the shore and still have the water just above your knee. Sunbeds are abundant and there’s a taverna on top of the hill overlooking the whole of Chrissi Milia beach – a must visit if you ever find yourself in this area.

Leftos Gialos Beach

Leftos Gialos Beach, Alonissos, Greece

This pebbled-beach is probably the most organized we’ve been to in Alonissos. A beach lounge which looks like a prime place to spend your evenings is located by the beach front and another cafe/bar on the other side of the beach is also present which even has a pool. The 7-yr old niece stayed here for most of the time as the water of the sea was too cold for her.

Kokinokastro Beach

Kokinokastro Beach in Alonissos, Greece

The sandy beach of Kokinakostro is surrounded by imposing red rocks and pine trees which makes its ambiance quite different from the rest of the beaches. The islet of Kokkinonisi is your view from this beach, another unique feature of Kokinokastro beach which sets it apart from the rest.

Old Chora

Old Chora of Alonissos, Greece

Saving the best for last, it is now time for me to share my favorite place in Alonissos – the Old Chora. I love medieval towns with its cobblestone streets and architecture of traditional style which is exactly what Old Chora offers. A walk through its narrow alleys takes you back in time and you can sense the history enveloping this place as soon as you step foot in it. It was the old capital of Alonissos until an earthquake destroyed the entire settlement in 1965. A lot of the buildings have been restored which are now either a cafe, a restaurant or guest houses. It truly is the most beautiful Old Town I’ve ever visited in Greece.

Although I have seen much better beaches in the other islands we’ve visited during this 3-week holiday in Greece, Alonissos holds a special place in my memory mainly because it was the island where I spent a week with the Greek Mister’s family and that for me, makes it truly special. I really enjoyed my holiday with them and the island of Alonissos was the perfect setting.

Here’s a short video of my holiday in Greece with the Greek family. I really love this song, I think it’s my theme song for the summer of 2015. 🙂

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Alonissos, Greece

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  • Anda September 6, 2015 at 22:09

    I’ve never been in Greece, but I’ll make sure to visit this place when I go. It really looks beautiful!

    • Pinay Flying High September 6, 2015 at 23:57

      Oh yes it’s really beautiful! I think Greece has something to offer to all kinds of travelers. 🙂

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