Decisions, decisions

In two days, I will be embarking a new journey, a new beginning, a new life. I have filed my resignation with the company I have worked for for 2 years and 1 month (to be exact) and will soon start a new job as a Call Center Agent. The decision was not an easy one since being a travel agent is what makes my worth, that’s where am good at and it gives me that feeling of fulfillment at the end of each day. I must admit, money talks these days. I used to have this mantra: You must not work for money, you have to really love what you’re doing. For as long as you enjoy your job, everything else will follow. Well, to tell you honestly, I had a great time being a travel agent. I wouldn’t have stayed there for 2 years if I didn’t like it. But with the economic crisis that our country is facing these days (yes, I can actually feel the crisis since am paying my taxes now) I have to be practical. Practical decisions are always the easiest one but in turn, gives a valuable amount of risks. I thought about it for a number of days, if I really want to give up the work I dearly love to become something I was so skeptic about before. (yeah, i didn’t like to be a call center agent before…) But as we grow older (ouch!!!!) our perceptions in life change. It’s an unending process. And those changes help us discern what actually is right and wrong for us. (It’s also one indication that we’re becoming more mature. If you are still living with the belief that Santa Claus is actually real, well then you should really have a reality check on where your life is headed right?) So, before making this drastic decision I have consulted a lot of my friends, including my mom. But it all boils down to me, to what I really want to be doing. What really matters to me now? The satisfaction of getting a job done? Or doing great in a job and being well-compensated in return? Now, if you put it that way, the latter will always be the right choice. However, after signing the contract with the new company I’ll be working for, I cried myself to sleep. It was painful for me to give up what I’ve been doing for 2 years and giving up my friends I have grown with in that company and giving up my “comfort zone”. I tell myself, life is all about risks and choices. If this was indeed a bad choice for me, at least I’d know that being a call center agent is something good for others but not for me. I’ll be working for a travel account so it shouldn’t be that bad. But still, wish me luck that I may survive this ordeal. (or rather wish me that I find the call center industry not an ordeal at all :p)


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