Debts and such.

You’ll know you’re in Dubai (for a long time) if worrying about your credit card bills/loans has been a routine for you. It would feel as normal as breathing probably. In 4.5 years of living in this marvelous city, I’ve managed to get myself in debt close to 12k. Mind you, I don’t really shop too much in fact, I haven’t spent a single dirham since the Dubai Sale Festival started last January 5. So how did I do it? Well, it all started with the 15-day European trip last 2008 and since then I’ve been in debt. Add to it the fact that I was hospitalized here in Dubai for 5 days in a private hospital and I was not carrying any insurance. And of course, the occasional girl’s nightouts which should actually be read as: the regular girl’s nightout every single day of the week. That was my life, before I hit rock bottom and couldn’t swipe my cards anymore as I’ve maximized its limit.

Anyway, after having a hard look at my frivolous past – I finally realized that I had to stop living like a rock star. Because I’m not Nicole Richie. Slowly, I turned down invitations to go out and lived almost like a hermit. The travels, I can’t really say no to but I became wiser on how to spend my money while traveling. After almost 2 years of being wise – I am now very proud to say that on the 26th of January *drum roll please* – I will be debt-free. Woo hoo! I will finally be able to settle my credit card bills and not a single dirham will be left there. It’s a clean slate. Great way to start the year yeah?

So now, I can stop worrying about debts and such. It’s a very good thing that I was not tempted to get a loan and was only dealing with the credit card’s high interest rates. 🙂

I'm FREE!!!!!!!! 🙂


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