Day 9: My last whole day in Greece. Boo hoo!

As soon as I woke up, I wanted to press pause and just stay there, in that moment – that moment where you have nothing to worry about but to decide which beach you’ll be spending the day in. But good things never last so with herculian efforts that only I can manage, I faced this day with a brave face and told myself that I’ll make the most out of it.

So I woke up at 11am. So much for making the most out of the day right?

I nagged like a little kid to the boyfriend that we must have spanakopita again for breakfast. Like a knight in his shining armor (which he truly is), he went to a nearby bakery to buy some for me and his friends. It wasn’t as good as the one I had the previous day so there was no photo taken. After our breakfast (with frappe of course), off we went to Kalamitsi beach to spend our day. Up until now, the 9th and the last day for me in Greece, I am still amused whenever his friends would have all the things they would need for camping inside the trunks of their cars. It’s a very inexpensive way of spending your weekend I suppose, which I’m not sure if I’m just really an introvert when I was in the Philippines but I’ve never had any of my friends ask me: “Let’s go to the beach and camp there for the night!” I would have said no of course (where will I poop there????) but it would be nice to hear that from my friends in the Philippines.

Anyway, so the boyfriend’s friends were well-equipped – beach umbrella, beach towels, beach mats, beers, ice and an extra hat for me.

George setting up our “campsite” while Ana supervises him. 🙂

They even have beach tennis equipments. 🙂 I tried it myself but as many of you know, sports is really not into me and vice versa.

Red VS Blue

Spartacus on the losing end.

I don’t really know who won the game as I went for a quick swim since I’m starting to feel like I’m about to have a headache. So I leave you now with the photos of the beach……


At some point, we all fell asleep – on the beach. I’m not very sure why but the afternoon sunlight makes me very sleepy. Is it only me? Am I weird like that? Afterwards, we went to a Greek taverna to feast on seafood for the very last time (at least for me). Boo hoo. I forgot the name of the place where we ate though, shame on me as they had another great-tasting octopus!

And then we had seafood feast:

We had a lot of other things aside from the above but I was already too busy stuffing my face with the squid. It was actually two different kinds of squid, one was grilled and the other was steamed. I guess I liked the grilled one better. After the hefty meal and a bottle of tsipouro, we “planned” to go back to our hotel but because we tried to take a different road since the one that we took on the way to the taverna was a little too steep and uneven – we got lost. Hah!

They’re all trying to figure out a way how to get to the beach that we are seeing from this hill. Haha!

So, which dirt road should we take?

Not through these rocks I hope.

When I finally remembered that I have the GPS on my phone, we found the way back to the main road. 🙂 After a quick shower, we headed off once again to another beach bar to have a few more drinks. It was quite a chilly night and thankfully, the well-equipped Ana brought an extra jacket with her. The boyfriend saw his cousin once again while there so the inevitable, once again happened. They all started speaking Greek – all at the same time. Hahaha. I just sat there wondering who’s listening to whom and who’s speaking to whom, it’s all Greek to me – literally! We capped the night off with a sandwich and bid farewell to each other at around 3am which leaves us only 4 hours before we start our 2-hour journey to the airport for my flight.

I had the best time in Greece! As I’ve said before, it wouldn’t be as great as it was if not for the boyfriend who’s been so very patient and kind to me throughout this trip. Not to mention the hospitality of his friends as well who made me feel welcome and made sure that I am having a good time and that I am getting the best out of Greece. The people in Greece are very hospitable as well, very much the opposite of what the boyfriend has told me that Greeks are mostly rude. But during this holiday, I’ve met a lot of warm and friendly people – be it the storekeeper of a souvenir shop, the waitress at the bar/restaurant, the immigration officer at the airport (it was my first time to see a smile from an immigration officer, I thought it was a pre-requisite in all of the countries to be a grouch to become one) and the hotel owners of all the hotels that we’ve stayed at. Lastly, let’s not forget that I gained quite a few pounds while in Greece because they just have the most amazing dishes that I’ve ever eaten (a seafood addict speaking). It was a wonderful trip and I’d be a fool if I don’t do it again. Maybe next summer again, who knows? 🙂


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