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Day 9: Lisbon wandering around tour. :p

August 30, 2009

We had a late start of this day and this being a Sunday, we attended mass at a church in the vicinity of Rossio Square. We were not able to get ourselves a city tour of Lisbon which I think we should have done to change my views of this place. Rossio square was interesting though. Most of the shops were closed since it was a Sunday. Unlike any other countries where they expect to have more business during the weekend, Portugal is just not one of them. Most of the museums are closed on a Sunday as well, so it would be pointless if we’ll take a city tour for this day.

Rossio Square

Rossio Square

After a whole day of wandering aimlessly around the city of Lisbon, we headed to Lisboa Oriente stationto catch the train going to Madrid. I took  two first class cabins where my aunt stayed (EUR203 per person) and one second class cabin for myself (EUR153 per person). We had the cabins all to ourselves, the first class cabins had their own shower and toilet while mine only had a sink. The journey was about 10hours and not very comfortable. I was getting dizzy the whole time I thought I would puke. Haha. The first class cabins have dinner included so they had dinner at the fine-dining restaurant inside the train while I started my drift to the zzzzz land. :p

I really didn’t like this leg of our journey, probably the best advice I can give if visiting Lisbon is to get yourselves a proper city tour and don’t come on a weekend. We did see a lot of monuments and old buildings but what is the point of seeing all these things if you have no idea what it is for. I didn’t read much about Lisbon because I was too excited to see Venice and Nice. Venice lived up to my expectations on the second day and Nice, well we’ll see on the 27th. :p

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