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Day 9: Last day of the weekend…. Boo hoo!

July 3, 2011

With herculian efforts that only I can manage, I peeled myself off the bed and checked out of Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel at exactly 12nn (of course that’s after taking a luxurious bath in their tub hihi). After that “posh” weekend spent in a good hotel with good food, I made my way to the metro to take the 45mins. train ride going home. Hehehe. Anyway, I had a great weekend (of course with a good company, you can never go wrong) and was feeling so sad everytime the clock ticks towards the end of the day.

Anyway, I was mostly online the whole day getting updated of Prince Albert’s and Charlize-Theron-look-alike Charlene Wittstock’s wedding. I have often mentioned that Monaco is hands down, the BEST and the PRETTIEST and the most EXPENSIVE place I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I just fell in love with this quaint little place tagged as the world’s second smallest independent state (it was indeed very small). What they lacked in space they made up for it with all the glamour that they showered all around it. It literally felt like a small kingdom ruled by a sweet princess with her chivalrous prince charming. Seriously, it looks like you’ve stepped in a fairy tale book.

If you were Charlene, this would be your kingdom now...

Yacht everywhere.

Again, yacht! yacht! yacht!

A horse-drawn carriage as their transportation. :p

if you get lost in this tiny place, you're stupid.

and of course, Monte Carlo with all the casinos and fancy cars

The post office (of course I'm kidding, but it could be!)

Inside the church where the late Princess Grace Kelly was buried.

Anyway, I believe Princess Charlene will now have a big responsibility of living up to the expectations of the whole world to follow the footsteps of Princess Grace Kelly – with her poise, sophistication, glamour and just oh so perfect in every sense of the word.

The word Perfection - personified.

I wouldn’t mind getting married to the prince of Monaco. Maybe Prince Albert’s son then? 🙂

me in front of my future house - the Palace of Monaco.

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