Chalkidiki, Greece

Day 8: The reunion.

September 2, 2011

We woke up late this day since we don’t have breakfast that we must take from the hotel anyway. Instead, we went to a nearby bakery shop and the boyfriend bought Spanakopita for me for breakfast.


It’s made of chopped spinach, feta cheese and cream cheese. I loved it specially with my frappe glyko me gala! Then off we went to Klimataria at the bar.b.q. beach bar.

On our way to Klimataria.

Goats, in case you’re a bit stupid.

Nice signage.

The road to paradise.

We’re almost there!

Akti beach.

Gone fishing.

At the same beach bar, we saw the boyfriend’s cousin who is also on a holiday in Greece with his wife. They’re both living in Holland (nice place to live hey!) so the inevitable happened, all of them talking in Greek at the same time. I’m already used to it though. 🙂

We then transferred to Vourvourou to go to another beach bar (which I liked better than the first) and met the boyfriend’s other friends. I asked the boyfriend if there are Asians living in this particular place and the boyfriend said no, which explains why I got a lot of stares from the people who saw me walking at the beach. It was not a stare of admiration, it was more like a stare which says: who the hell is this alien and why does she look so different from all of us? or maybe even: an ASIAN!!!! I only see them in porns movies!!!!

Anyway, funniest encounter was when I was walking towards the shore after a quick swim at the beach and there was a little girl swimming near me, minding her own business – well that was until she saw me. She suddenly stood up with her jaw dropped wide open as she followed me with that same astonished look on her face. I was waiting for her to scream: MOMMY! MOMMY! A SEA MONSTER! Poor girl! Hahaha!

The water is so clear!!!!

After some overpriced mojitos, we went to a pizza place which they claimed to have the best pizza that I could ever taste. Well, it was good and HUGE. It’s a shame I forgot the name of the place.

This is the smallest size that they have. I wonder if I could use the large size pizza as a blanket.

At the same pizza place, we accidentally bumped into the boyfriend’s ex girlfriend as well as his friend’s ex. Haha! We ended up sharing the table with them and I kept teasing the boyfriend how he acted so snob and all while we were eating. Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk! It’s not really a big deal for me though, an ex is an ex for a reason and I’m not really the psychotic kind. 🙂 We went back to our hotel for a quick shower after the dinner and went to another beach bar to have a few drinks, well quite too many. I admit for that night, I was a bit tipsy. Haha! The beach bar offered us a free shot of jagermeister because we’ve ordered a lot of drinks for that night. I am falling in love more and more each day with Greece! Free desserts in Greek tavernas and then free shot of jagermeister in Greek beach bars???? Where else can you have that? Anyway, we capped the night off when I realized that I was laughing louder than anybody else at the beach bar – a hint that I’m a little too tipsy already.

I leave you now with a photo of how the Greeks answer to the call of nature:

And I thought this only happens in the Philippines.

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