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Day 7: Ready for the weekend with all guns blazing.

July 2, 2011

I got home from an all-nighter drinking spree at around 3am the day prior and woke up at around 7am. Yeah, my body clock sucks! I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore so I ate breakfast (sisig with crab and corn soup and rice, yesh! that’s a drunk’s breakfast for me) and packed my things for the weekend ahead of me. Thursday was a declared a non-working holiday for us here in the UAE in lieu of Al Isra Wal Miraj (ascension of Prophet Muhammad) which explains why when I arrived at Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel there were a bus load of tourists waiting to be checked-in. I feared that they might tell me that they had to cancel my reservation as the house is running full (I used my Entertainer Travel voucher for this reservation so I only paid 1 night for a stay for 2) BUT the very friendly and efficient check-in agent took no more than 15minutes to check me in (but of course I had to wait for my turn for about an hour or so).

Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel lobby (photo courtesy of moi using the instagram app on iphone yeehaw!)

I went straight to my room and giggled with excitement as I saw this:

King size bed!!!!! :p

and this:

View of the tub from the bedroom. :p

and this:

View of the bed from the tub... 🙂

and this:

the toilet

and this:

shower room

and last but not the least, this:

TV with surround sound

The rooms were not heavily decorated giving you that spacious and comfortable feeling with neutral colors all around you. The TV kept malfunctioning though, it will suddenly stop just when Tom Cruise is about to kill that samurai (I was watching The Last Samurai) but I never really bothered calling housekeeping to fix it up for me as I was either sleeping or out eating for the whole duration of my stay there anyway. The room had 1 fitted tub where the toilet is located and 1 walk-in shower room. Internet connection is available but you will have to pay extra. Mini bar (of course), tea and coffee maker, hair dryer and in-room safe are also available.

What I didn’t like about it was when I went out the next day the whole morning, nobody came to clean up the room even if I’ve pressed the chambermaid button that they have there. It was the first time that it happened to me with all of the hotel stays that we’ve had all over the emirate that noone came to clean the room. I don’t know, I have this OC thing about me that I find it better to sleep on a made-up bed. Hehehe.

Apart from the malfunctioning TV and someone not cleaning the rooms, we had a fantastic stay here.

As mentioned earlier, I used my The Entertainer Travel coupon for this booking and saved AED630.00.

Total The Entertainer Travel savings: AED1168.80

Anyway, I slept for 2 hours before heading out for the evening to try out their restaurants where I have 50% staff discounts (in all of it… :)). We went to try Sinatra lounge for a pre-dinner drinks but found the place too fake so we went back to Moroc lounge where the staff were all superb and the service was incredibly fast to think that the place was packed when we got there. They have an outdoor terrace where they serve shisha, if only it wasn’t too humid outside I would prefer to sit there as the ambience was great.

Our bill for the pre-dinner drinks 🙂 :

2 large heineken AED70.00
1 large hoegarden AED35.00
1 marlboro light AED15.00
Total AED120.00
After staff discount which only applies to alcoholic drinks, we paid AED67.50. Sweeeeeet! 🙂

We still didn’t know where we will eat dinner so we just walked around the lobby and checked what the restaurants were offering for the night. We came across Mistral which is their main restaurant and I saw this:

Seafood!!!!! Waaaaaah!

I LOVE seafoods, and I mean I do LOVE them. The photo above still looks like porn for me. Hehehe. As soon as I saw that section of this buffet restaurant, I know for sure that there’s no turning back for me now and that we HAVE to eat here.

First serving: warm up for my stomach, going Japanese!

Second serving: Lobster tail, crab, mussels and oysters. YUM!

Third serving: Mussels, clams, salmon, seafood spring rolls and breaded seafood thingy which I forgot the name.

Fourth serving: Minced lamb kebab. Hehehehe.

I was so full after this so I didn’t bother having dessert anymore (I’m not a big fan of sweets anyway). I could literally die right then and there as I felt so satisfied with all those seafood that I ate. Did I mention that they do have a beer buffet as well? Just add AED60 and you get to drink all the beer that your belly can handle.

Our bill for the night:

2 seafood night buffet: AED390.00
2 bottles of heineken: AED60.00
Total: AED450.00
After staff discount, we paid AED225.00. After this dinner, the boyfriend told me that he loves me for all the discounts that he’s getting courtesy of my staff ID. Hahaha.

We went back to Moroc lounge for our after-dinner drinks and by this time, the waiters already know us and ushered us to our “regular” couch. Hahaha. Yes, we are alcoholics but this happens only once every two weeks so might as well make the most out of it. Besides, I read somewhere which I believe is a very reliable source that a reasonable amount of alcohol is good for digestion and after that heavy seafood fiesta that I just had, my intestines would need all the help that can get to digest all of it.

Our after-dinner drinks bill:

1 glass of Laurent Perrier Brut Champagne AED80.00
2 shots of Johnny Walker Black Label AED90.00
1 small water AED12.00
Total: AED182.00
After staff discount, we paid AED91.00. Woot woot!

I retreated back to my room and slumped myself on the king size bed and went to sleep with saliva drooling until 9 in the morning the next day. Not bad to start the weekend hey? 🙂

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