Day 7: Bem Vindo a Lisboa

Schiphol airport of Amsterdam was by far the best airport I’ve ever been to (next would be Singapore), we took a flight from there to Lisbon via TAP Air which was a pretty good flight. It departed on time and arrived 10mins earlier in Lisbon. The baggage collection took an hour though. We were met by the hotel representative and drove us to our hotel for this 3-day stay – Novotel Lisboar. After freshening up, we got into a cab and headed to Marques Pombal Square. It was about 7mins drive from our hotel and we paid around 5 euro for the one way trip. It was freaking cold at 5 in the afternoon.

We had dinner at Roma Taverna near the Restaurados and had a paella (God-food) and roasted pork for dinner. Lisbon was not very impressive; I didn’t really enjoy what I saw there. It reminded me of Baguio with its steep and narrow roads not to mention the vandalism on the walls, the stinky smell of urine on the sidewalks, the beggars all around the city and the garbage on the side streets. If not for the old buildings with Gothic architectures, I would think that I was somewhere in Asia and not in Europe. I was not expecting to see this from the home country of Ferdinand Magellan, the voyager who discovered Philippines and started the 333 years of Spanish colonization in our country. :p



We headed back to the hotel after our dinner and prepared for our tour the next day to Fatima.


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