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Day 6: The real entry.

June 30, 2011

Before I go on and on about “what happened last night” I just want to talk about the Day 5 entry first because that post made me realize that I have readers more than I expected. A lot of my friends from all over the world asked if I was ok and if I need help. How cool is that? Really. I want to first take this opportunity to thank these people:

1. Alex – of course ’cause he’s my number one fan. This 30-day blog entry challenge is all because of him and as soon as he read my Day 5 post, my phone rang showing an Australian number on the screen. Hehehe.

2. The Sigma clan – you all know who you are. Muchos besos! Mwah Mwah Mwah!

3. Chi Chi girls of Burjuman: Monica and Ruhi, as you’ve always lend support for me whenever I encounter some of the booboos while I was there with you guys.

4. The evil agent of our counter, Asya who’s usually misunderstood. This girl talks and whines too much but will be there to support you and will b*tch about the thing that you’re worried about more than you will. It never really crossed my mind that I will even get along with her but miraculously, I did. She makes every single day of my work easier to handle with all her one-liner bullsh*ts and of course, the experience I had the other day received a lot of bullsh*ts from her which as per her vocabulary is her way to comfort me. Oddly enough, it did comfort me in some ways. 🙂

5. Hanaa, the exact opposite of Asya in terms of word usage in a conversation. Hehehe. I sent her a message thru our communicator (an office-based YM if you want to call it like that) saying: Hanaa, I have a BIG problem. Next thing I know, she’s standing beside me asking me what happened while her passenger was left at her counter waiting for his ticket. See how supportive she is? 🙂 Anyway, I know that these two girls are pissed at me for not taking enough passengers while I handle my corporate account. Well since I really don’t mind staying back at the office now and filing it as an overtime (as I desperately need the overtime pay now), I just might leave my corporate account handling until after office hours to help them out with the walk-in clients. So yes, hopefully they will stop b*tching at me now. Hehehehe.

6. The random blog readers who’ve sent me facebook messages. Muchos Gracias! Merci! Salamat!

So after all the comforting words of those people above, I did have a good Day 6. Well not entirely good and not entirely bad either but the most important thing is, the booboo of Day 5 did not haunt me. I was planning to stay at home after work even if it’s the start of the long weekend for us here in the UAE. The French friend caught me online and asked what my plan was for the evening and since it’s been ages since we’ve seen each other, we decided that we should meet up for the night. He suggested Dubai Mall, I want Wafi (plainly because I want to drink beer and Dubai Mall will not have that unfortunately). I won the small debate so off we went to Wafi.

Catching up with this guy is not really hard to do no matter how many months have passed. The moment you get inside his car the stories about his work, life in general and girlfriend will start. He would tell me the story of the latest fight that he had with his girlfriend and I would smack the back of his head to show him that his girlfriend is right to start a fight with him. Men are stupid most of the times. Really. He would tell me about his latest trip to Thailand and how he doesn’t like it as there were way too many lady boys roaming around the place. He would tell me about the massage he had while there and b*tch about it as it was done very “unprofessionally”. He would tell me about his job and how it frustrates him more and more now each day. He would tell me about the “rainforest” and how he wanted to trim it down at some point. All of these topics (along with other sh*ts) will be covered in a matter of 2 hours while checking out girls in between. Yes I know, I’m very inappropriate treating women like that BUT someone needs to be told that the girl who just passed by us was way too skinny.

Anyway, the friend has a “curfew” of until 11pm and because I was already out and Carter’s was having this amazing 10-dirham deal for cocktail drinks I wanted to stay. So I called up my friends to join me there, 30mins after – 5 of them came. Hahaha! How great is it to know someone who would travel all the way from Sharjah just to get ahold of this amazing 10-dirham deal? We drank and drank and drank and drank. We danced even if we’re the only ones dancing as Carter’s isn’t really a place for that kind of thing. To cut the long story short, we got out of the place wasted and I was hungry (I didn’t anything for that night) so I dragged all of them (again) to Chowking which is open for 24hours. Awesome! I had chicken lauriat (rice, siomai, chicken, noodles and buchi) for midnight “snack”. Went to bed with my head buzzing while whispering the chant of a drunk: I’m not going to drink again ever. Yeah, it was a great night. A good way to start the long weekend. 🙂

On a different note, since it’s the weekend and I am off for an adventure – the Day 7 and Day 8 post will be done along with Day 9 as soon as I got home. (Just to make it clear that I’m not yet supposed to lose the bet).

Well, tata for now!

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