Day 6: Check out/Check in.

We had our last breakfast in Heliophos Hotel, checked out and then headed off to Fira to look for an ATM machine, petrol station (the rented car badly needs it) and somewhere to sit and have our coffee. In Fira, we decided to give it another shot as we might change our minds and start to appreciate its beauty. Well, seeing the central town during daylight didn’t even give it justice. The kind owner of Heliophos Hotel already told us not to go there as it’s crappy (it actually smelled like crap, seriously) but we still went. So yes, I don’t like Fira. We went instead to another town called Imerovigli which boasts of a great view of the caldera (the volcano).

View of the Caldera, right in front of our cafe.

Cruise ships docking.

The cafe, which I forgot the name.

The town of Imerovigli.

At the other side of that small hill is the port.

After our frappe, we went to our new hotel called Soulis Apartments near Koloumpos beach. The apartment includes a fridge, kitchenette, dining area and a living room. The staff were all very friendly, they made our stay there more relaxed and in a very calm environment where everybody knows everybody. There was one guest who was celebrating his birthday the night that we stayed there and they had a dinner for him and we were invited. Too bad we were already tired and I just honestly want to sleep.

After checking in at Soulis, we went to a beach which nobody knows – supposedly! It was packed when we got there. The way towards the beach was a dirt and deserted road:

But at the end of that dirt road was a paradise called Eros beach.

I had a bad headache when we got there so I immediately went for a quick swim for the sea to heal it for me – and it did. I believe it was because of the heat and all I needed was a splash of cold water on my head. We stayed there for just about an hour as we couldn’t find an empty umbrella and the boyfriend hates staying under the sun. We headed back to our favorite beach destination in Santorini – Perissa, had our mojito and spent the rest of our day there. For dinner, we went to Blue Tavern in Oia and ordered the following:

Greek Salad


Pork belly

Souvlaki, another Greek food that I’ve been dying to have.

The pork meat in my souvlaki was perfect! It was very tender, juicy and tasty. My diet was totally ruined and I don’t care! I’m in Greece for crying out loud and most specially, I’m on vacation! Greek food is just so hard to resist! The taverna gave us watermelons for dessert and oh! they had free wifi. Haha. I paid a total of EUR43 for the souvlaki, pork belly, greek salad, 2 cokes and a small bottle of wine.

After dinner, we bought another Vinsanto wine and went to a spot in Oia where you have the view of the whole island and drank our wine there (right off the bottle) as we watched the moon rising and stars falling (seriously! lots of falling stars that night). Did you know that the moon is bright orange in color when it’s just about to rise? My iPhone battery was already drained so I wasn’t able to take photo of the big, bright, orange moon. It was the most inexpensive night out we’ve ever had in Santorini (the wine costs EUR16 only).

We went back to our hotel at around 1am and dozed off to sleep. The next day, Santorini will finally bite me in the ass and I would nag the boyfriend to get me out of that island – fast!


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