Day 5: Romance is in the air.

After our breakfast at the hotel (which normally consist of bread, jams, butter, ham and cheese, coffee and homemade orange juice) we went back to Oia and had our frappe at a place called Pelekanos.

We had a great view of the sea in front of us, the below view on our right:

And because I was nosy and don’t really care if there were some other people at the cafe, I was walking around it while waiting for our frappes to get some good photos. I held on to the railings and bent forward as far as I could on the veranda’s left-most part and saw the tip of these roofs:


I was mumbling: OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! on the way to our table and told the boyfriend about that discovery and got a oh-crap-here-comes-the-nagging-for-me-to-finish-my-frappe-fast grunt from the boyfriend. I was restless and was just staring at the boyfriend’s glass of frappe until he finishes it. Haha! As soon as the boyfriend sipped the last few drops of his frappe, I immediately went down past some tourists and found a great spot to take my photos. I was speechless by its beauty.

We went to Perissa beach afterwards which was much much better than Kamari. We went to a beach bar called The Beach Bar (pretty clever huh?) which serves the best mojito I’ve ever had:

Perissa beach

The beach bar

I saw a Chinese lady giving massage and asked for a back massage (EUR20, originally priced at EUR30) and it was fantastic. I worked on my tan which is actually an excuse for me to doze off to sleep.

After a few more drinks, we went back to Oia finally eat wrapped gyros. We ate gyros on a plate in Athens so I wanted something which is more traditional – the wrapped one. We had it in Oia (the name of the restaurant) in Oia.

Oia restaurant in Oia.

Greek salad in Greece is much better than anywhere else.

Gyros!!!! Finally!

In it was pork, onions, tomatoes and tzajiki. It was very filling. The boyfriend had two though.

I paid a total of EUR16 for 3 gyros, 1 greek salad and 2 cans of coke. After the heavy meal, we went back to that most photographed place to take some more photos:

The boyfriend took this photo and wants to take all the credit for it.

We bought a wine called Vinsanto which is locally made in Santorini and literally translates to Holy Wine as it was used by the priests of the Orthodox church during consecration (thanks to wikipedia). Anyway, it was the best wine I’ve ever tasted with no bitter taste whatsoever. It was sweet, grapey and kinda tasted like a prune.


We head back to our hotel and stayed at the balcony for the night drinking our wine with the full moon as our view discussing whether or not the huge light that we’re seeing up in the sky moving so very slow was a star or a UFO. I was the one who said it was a UFO as it was moving slowly and how stupid cool would it be to see a UFO in Santorini right? 🙂 Later on, we realized that it was a plane. Maybe the wine played tricks on us. It was supposedly our last night in Santorini but we had to change our flight from Santorini straight to Thessaloniki (instead of Athens) and the only available date was for the next day. So we booked another room in a different hotel (which had free wifi connection) and cheaper rate for one more night. We just can’t get enough of Santorini. 🙂


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