Day 4: Oia, the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.

I say, clear the way Monaco and Nice for Oia in Santorini – as the latter is now the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. It used to be a tie between Monaco and in Nice in France but now, it’s this place:

Even the clothes hanging are blue. Haha!

It’s so pretty it’ll make your eyes swell. hehe.

One of the hotels in Oia.

After our breakfast, I dragged the boyfriend down to Oia as I just can’t wait another minute to see this fantastic place. It was beautiful, amazing, pretty and just oh so romantic. We had frappe (of course) at one of coffee shops there and just let this wonderful thought sink in: I. AM. IN. SANTORINI. HOLYCRAP! It’s one of the places that I’d die for just to see, seriously! At that time, I can just die right there and then and be satisfied by the fact that the last place I saw was Santorini. Although I couldn’t find the below place in Oia so I thought it was in Fira, I made a mental note to drag the boyfriend the next day to Fira to look for this most photographed place in Santorini:

And took a mandatory boyfriend/girlfriend photo in Santorini:

Afterwards, we went to Kamari beach which is on the other side of the island. Have I mentioned that Santorini is a mountainous island and that we had to drive along a cliff to get to the other side? No? Well, I’m telling you now. And because I have a slight fear of heights, I was most of the time closing my eyes as the boyfriend drove the narrow, winding and cliffside roads of Santorini. Add to it the fact that along the way, you will see a lot of these:


I thought at first those were mailboxes. Then the boyfriend told me that those were mini chapels and usually are put on a spot where an accident occurred and claimed someone’s life. Trust me, seeing those mini chapels at night in a road where there are no lights whatsoever except the headlights of your car will make the hair on your nape stand up. So I seriously had my eyes closed and afraid to do anything (even breathing) as the car might be out of balance  and dive right into a cliff. I don’t want a mini chapel with my name on it to be put anywhere in the roads of Santorini or Greece for that matter.

Anyway, so we went to Kamari beach where the water was freezing but refreshing after a long drive.

Kamari Beach

We paid EUR7 for using one of the umbrellas (crazy isn’t it?) and stayed there for about 2 hours. I didn’t like it much because it was a pebbled beach, not sand. Although it’s nice to just lie there under the sun to get yourself a tan and fall asleep a little. After a few cans of beer we went to Faros (lighthouse) in Akrotiri to look for a tavern called Georgies which was highly recommended to us by the very sweet and kind owner of our hotel. We couldn’t find Georgies, we only found a place called Georgiaros Fish Tavern so we decided to just have our dinner and stop looking for Georgies only to find out that we were at the right place. Maybe Georgies was the nickname of Georgiaros. 🙂

We ordered the following, now don’t ask me what it’s called because I was too busy stuffing my face with these mouthwatering seafoods which the boyfriend ordered:

It kinda tasted like a fried eggplant but the boyfriend told me it wasn’t. We ate this with tzajiki.

Deep friend shrimp which I smothered with vinegar. It looked like a soup on my plate (with the vinegar as the soup, the boyfriend was grossed out).

Calamari which was practically left untouched.

Deep fried fish which the boyfriend indulged on. (I was focusing on the shrimps)

After the hefty lunch/dinner, we were offered a free dessert. The tavernas in Greece usually offer free dessert to their diners, it may be fruits or in this case a cake which tasted somewhat like a cassava cake.

I paid EUR40 for everything including a small bottle of white wine.

Georgiaros also offers a great view as you dine in their outdoor seating area…

And not to mention a first-row seat of the sunset:


It was MAGNIFICENT! The sun looked like it’s sinking in the middle of the sea. It’s my first time to see a sunset like that. We headed back to our hotel for a quick shower and then went to Fira which is the main town of Santorini and which I immediately knew I would hate as soon as I’ve stepped into their dirty, crowded and noisy (because of the bars with their loud, blasting RNB music) cobbled pavements. It’s probably a great place for people who wants to party to go to but not for someone like me who just want to sit on a cafe with my vodka and sprite and just look at the great view in front of me while talking to the boyfriend without the need to scream at his ears because of the loud music.

We found a place to sit which was a big mistake. As soon as we sat down, the waitress started her very long spill about the drinks that we should order and how they have the only cactus-based drink in the whole world. She also boasts on the fact that all of the ingredients used in their cocktails are “biological”, I don’t know what she meant by that. When I looked at the price of these cocktails, it was double the price compared to Oia. So after the girl’s long speech, we ordered draft beers. She was disappointed and wasn’t ashamed to show it to us – breathed a heavy sigh, tapped the menu quite loudly on our table and rolled her eyes before she walked away.

I didn’t like Fira, not at all but I managed to take some good shots of the place:

The overpriced cafe with biological ingredients in their menu.

After that one beer, we went back to my favorite place in Santorini – Oia, back to the arms of Mezzo to have normal-priced drinks. We called it a night at around 1am.


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