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Day 30: Of the worst hotel ever and the 7 star experience.

July 23, 2011

Regent Beach Resort is not a 3 star property. It should be categorized as a 1 star or it should not even exist at all. First off, the whole check-in procedure was funny and the agent absolutely useless:

Mi: Hi! checking in for the night.
Agent: Where did you make the reservation?
Mi: booking.com, I did it today.
Agent: Your name is not on our system and we are running full.
Mi: ohhhhhhkay, then why did it show on booking.com website? I can give you the confirmation number if you want.
Agent: Well, we don’t have any rooms available.
Mi: OHHHHKAY, I can just make a new reservation in a different hotel but can you make sure that you’re not going to charge me my card?
Agent: But it will charge your card for one night.
Mi: But I didn’t stay for one night because you’re saying it’s full.
Agent: I can transfer you to Regal Plaza, it’s just nearby.
Mi: Regal Plaza? The one in Bur Dubai?
Agent: Yes, that one.
Mi: But that’s an even worst hotel than this! No, I don’t want to be transferred there. Just make sure that my card will not be charged.
Agent: We don’t have any rooms available.
Mi: I’m not asking you to give me a room here, I’m just asking you to make sure that my card will not be charged.
Agent: I can send you to Regal Plaza, I will fax them your booking.com reservation.
Mi: I thought you said my name is not reflecting on your system?
Agent: It is now.
Mi: Ok, well I’m not going to stay in REgal Plaza so can you just make sure that my card will not be charged?
Agent: We have one room available now.
Agent: We have one room available and I can give it to you right now.
Mi: I thought you said there is no room available?
Agent: (no response)
Mi: Ok, give me that room.

If I knew that their room would stink like hell, the carpet not at all clean and stained at some parts, the toilet stinks more than the room itself and the towels were overused with holes in it (I’m not kidding!) I should just have let them charge my card and walked out of that hell-hole. In all fairness to them, the bed sheet looks clean but with the whole surrounding stinking like you’ve walked in a sewage drainage – it still made me feel icky to lie down on their bed.

The room looks decent but the smell emanating from this place will not justify the decent looks.

This stinks more than the room itself and there is no hot and cold water. The only options are hot or hotter.

customized tub for midgets

The hole on my towel, I told you I'm not kidding.

At night, I could hear the people walking outside the room and someone singing their lungs out in a karaoke until the wee hours of the morning. The A/C as well was positioned in such a way that the cold air will be right smack at your face – it’s annoying. It was so bad that the next day we had to check out and find a different room. The same check-in agent was there to check us out:

Mi: We’re checking out.
Agent: Did you consume anything from the mini bar?
Mi: There WAS a mini bar???? No I didn’t.
Agent: (called the housekeeping department to check if I’m telling the truth)
……. after 5 minutes
Agent: It’s ok, you can go now.

The agent wasn’t even surprised why I was checking out nor did he ask what the problem was and why I’m going to waste one night payment in their property. I guess he was expecting me to do that already? Hehehe.

After that horrible hotel, checking in at Ibis City Centre felt like checking in at Burj Al Arab Hotel. My very first reaction when I saw this was:

Clean room!!!!!!!!! How I missed you!

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