Day 3: Wilkonmen Vienna!

We arrived at Wien Hoptbahnhof at around 0705 in the morning and was met by the hotel representative just as soon as we got off the train. The train ride from Venice to Vienna took us about 12hrs, good thing that we booked the first class cabin sleepers so we had our own bed, it was not a really comfortable sleep though for I keep waking up whenever the train changes tracks.

The city of Vienna is totally different from Venice but quite similar as Munich. I had a feeling of dejavu and remembered my stay in Munich last year, it was the saddest place I went to. Haha. Traffic was heavy so we arrived at Lindner Hotel Am Belvedere an hour after. The hotel was really very nice and was centrally located although the people at the hotel were not as warm as the staff of Bauer Hotel in Italy.

After about 2 hours of nap time we explored the streets of Vienna. We walked around Belvedere Road and came across a really nice park. We went in and found out that it’s actually the famous Belvedere Palace. It’s nice that you don’t have to pay for entrance fees to go in the gardens of this palace. They have to have some sort of source of income to keep these gardens beautifully maintained but anyway, that’s Europe. They preserve their history unlike Filipinos. In the Philippines, you have to pay for every park that you will go to only to find a filthy place inside. Sad truth.

Belvedere Palace

Belvedere Palace

This whole day was just an exploration of the streets of Vienna, we just kept on walking and walking without any idea where we’re headed to. I took photos of buildings, fountains and people out of curiosity – little did we know that those buildings were holding a part of the history of Vienna. We will soon find those out the next day during our Vienna City tour. At about 10pm, after eating our overpriced Chinese dinner we were already too tired and would love to be in the comforts of our bed but we can’t seem to find the way going back to the hotel. A man in a bicycle who looked like Josh Groban asked us if we needed help, that’s how lost we looked like. Haha. We didn’t need to ask the gentleman for directions he already offered it to us. The hotel was just 2 blocks from where we were standing he said, glad that we were on the right track after all.

We arrived at the hotel with aching legs, took a hot shower and dozed off to sleep. The next day will be long for us that’s for sure.


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